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Governor Brownback: Kansas Economy is Growing Thanks to Anti-Abortion Policy

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

If you were asked to describe a "pro-family agenda," cutting K-12 education and healthcare may not be things that immediately come to mind, but for Kansas Governor Sam Brownback they are.

During an interview with Family Research Council President Tony Perkins, Sam Brownback made the case that the state's economy is improving (it isn't) thanks, in part, to the anti-abortion policies he has signed into law as governor.

via RightWingWatch

Brownback agreed, telling Perkins that his decision to sign around a dozen “pro-life bills” is part of the reason that his state is growing.

“What you’re showing in Kansas is that you can have a pro-family agenda and at the same time a pro-economic growth agenda and the two are not — rather than being mutually exclusive, they are entwined with one another,” Perkins gushed.

They really support each other,” Brownback concurred. “One of the problems we have in the country is we’re not forming enough families.

Spoiler: the Kansas economy is actually in the toilet and this is only the beginning. Kansas is expected to miss revenue targets by over $1 billion over the next two fiscal years and spending cuts recently passed by the state legislature only cover the current fiscal year.

But for the sake of argument let's say the Kansas economy is doing well. Even if that were true, there is no plausible case for saying that anti-abortion policy promotes economic growth. It simply isn't true. Even if anti-abortion policy led to more families (it doesn't), Brownback's other policies, such as cutting public K-12 education, ensure that new families have an uphill battle ahead of them.

Young, expecting families in Kansas should be insulted.

  • swift_4

    It’s not as complicated as people are making it out to be. Republicans just tell people how the economy is doing, and their base believes it. Obama is President? Economy bad. Brownback is Governor? Economy is great!

    None of the ignorant voters hear the facts or the actual sentences. It’s just buzzwords and a lie.

  • captkurt

    Everyone in Kansas should be insulted. How long will everyday people who have to live and breath in the real world continue to believe in economic prosperity where there is none, fiscal responsibility where there is none, and increasing personal wealth that never happens? Even for the reddest, dyed-in-the-wool Republican, how long can one go hearing leaders tell you you’re doing just fine, when you know you are not?

    • Christopher Foxx

      Everyone in Kansas should be insulted.

      It’s the folks in Kansas who elected and recently re-elected this guy. I’m insulted by the suggestion that we should be feeling sorry for them.

      • captkurt

        Unless he was elected with 100% of the vote, there had to be at least a few people who didn’t want him back. Sadly, far too few of them. Sorry to have insulted you.

        • Christopher Foxx

          Unless he was elected with 100% of the vote,

          He got 50% of the votes, beating the Democrat by 4%, So, yeah, there’s nearly as many folks who didn’t want him returned to office. And I’m not completely unsympathetic to their plight.

          OTOH, when the governor has trashed your state as much as Brownback has, it seems it shouldn’t be so hard to get the support to get him out of office.

          It’s frustrating.

  • muselet

    “One of the problems we have in the country is we’re not forming enough families.”

    Either Sam Brownback is signalling that he’s changed his mind and support marriage equality—those are families, too, Governor—or someone on his staff read him David Brooks’s gaseous emission on the subject of poverty from last week. If I had to guess, I’d guess the correct answer is behind Door Number 2.

    You have to admire—in a goggle-eyed, gape-mouthed, did-they-really-just-say-that? kind of way—the way Tony Perkins and Brownback rhetorically transform a passel of forced-birth laws, and generally lousy public policy, into “a pro-family agenda.” And less shameless pols, not to mention human beings with even the tiniest scrap of self-awareness, wouldn’t be preening about the marvels of an economy that’s actually circling the pan.

    Why Sam Brownback was reelected last year and not tarred and feathered and run out of Kansas on a rail is a mystery to me.


    • JMAshby

      I imagine David Brooks is on his morning reading list somewhere after George Will.

    • gescove

      It seems to me that the quintessential skill of the right wing is to shamelessly construct and spew Orwellian talking points: War is Peace, Ignorance is Strength. As Orwell wrote, “Orthodoxy means not thinking–not needing to think. Orthodoxy is unconsciousness.”

      • muselet

        As I’ve said before, somewhere in the Universe, George Orwell weeps into his gin and tonic and cries into the void, “I wasn’t writing an instruction manual, you lunatics!”


    • aynwrong

      Speaking of “Our Mr Brooks” as Driftglass likes to call him and the issue of poverty, I thought you might appreciate this:


      Also thanks to old Drifty for posting this piece on his site. Credit where credit is due.