Assholery Chris Christie

Governor Chris Christie is an Embarrassment

By now you probably know that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie quarantined a nurse returning from West Afrcia who displayed no symptoms of Ebola and, in fact, tested negative for the virus.

Nurse Kaci Hickox was placed in a tent with no shower or toilet by order of the governor; a move the ACLU doubted the legality of just as I did.

(Photo Credit Steven Hyman)

Governor Christie reversed his ridiculous position today and Kaci Hickox was allowed to go home, but that wasn’t the end the story.

In his usual assholish manner, Christie rebuked the nurse today and refused to even talk to her.

via The New York Times political reporter Michael Barbaro

I can’t imagine why someone would take “great offense” at being imprisoned in a tent for no substantive reason.

It’s difficult to describe the level of contempt Chris Christie makes me feel and, as far as I can tell, I’m far from alone in that sentiment. He’s an embarrassing prick.

  • ruth crocker

    and this is how critics want obama to respond to things: instantaneously, aggressively, without waiting to think things trhough or take expert advice, or seeing how a situation develops. i’m so glad he ignores these people and continues to do the right thing as morons shout for christie style “leadership”

  • aynwrong

    “She took great offense at everything I did, Michael.”

    He talks about her as though she is a political opponent. She is someone who willing went to West Africa to treat people who were infected with a deadly disease and this is how he treats her in public.

    “Listen, I have no reason to talk to her. My job is not to represent her. My job is to represent people of NJ.”

    If this kind of contempt is what he thinks will get him into the good graces of the GOP base than a run at the White House should be about as successful as Mitt Romney’s.

  • Sabyen91

    There is evidence that obesity can be caused by a variety of viruses and bacterial infections. He is showing more symptoms of those than she was of Ebola. Quarantine him!

  • trgahan

    “In his usual assholish manner, Christie rebuked the nurse today and refused to
    even talk to her.”

    Christie has long needed to rebuild his brand with the frothy right wing base. That base has never tolerated compassion for humans not of their tribe (ie. who risks their life to go help THOSE people!!! I bet she was intentionally trying to bring that virus back here!)

    He is using Ms. Hickox to score political points with his base and nothing more.

  • muselet

    “She took great offense at everything I did, Michael.”

    Golly gee, I wonder why?

    Let’s not let the one Charlie Pierce this morning called “the inexcusable Andrew Cuomo” off the hook for this, either. He did back down before Chris Christie did (in part, at least, because the White House pushed Cuomo and Christie on it), but those idiotic quarantine orders should never have been issued.


    • JMAshby

      I didn’t intend to leave him off the hook per sey, I just didn’t view his crimes as equally repugnant. Cuomo quietly altered his plans while Christie boasted that he had “no second thoughts” about it. But Christie apparently did have second thoughts because he changed his stance the next morning.

      Christie’s attitude has a way of making everything he says and does seem worse. It’s not going to play well in national politics.

      • muselet

        No accusation intended. I’m a bit more irritated at Cuomo simply because my expectations of Christie are so low.

        I’m too lazy to go looking for it, but Roy Edroso made the observation some time back that Chris Christie is destined for greater national exposure because there is a significant subpopulation which likes nasty bullies. Christie will have a really hard time with the rest of us, though.


  • BanditBasheert

    Quarantine must be based on science and not on politics as Fat Chicken Christie learned. When you quarantine based on fear, you defeat its purpose.