Graham Blames Al Gore for GOP Intransigence on Climate Change

Why won't the Republican party abandon its platform of denial and agree to do something about climate change?

It's all Al Gore's fault, you see.

"Before we can be bipartisan we gotta figure out where we are as a party. What is the environmental platform of the Republican party?," Graham asked a silent crowd at an event at the Council on Foreign Relations. "I don't know either." [...]

"The problem is Al Gore has turned this thing into a religion," he said. "You know, climate change is not a religious problem for me, it is an economic, it is an environmental problem."

I'm sure future generations will feel much better knowing that Republican humans in the early 21st century did not get their act together because of petty political symbolism; because Al Gore is fat and occasionally travels in airplanes and limousines.

Before you know it, it will be 2020 and Republicans will still be dwelling on some thing Al Gore said or did in the mid 2000s.

When Lindsey Graham asks what his party's environmental platform is, the answer seems simple to me. Their platform is fuck the environment.

The Republican party is the party of fracking, of offshore drilling, of drilling in the Alaskan wilderness, of pipelines and lax regulation of them. The Republican party has voted several times over the past four years to completely defund the Environmental Protection Agency and the chairmen of various congressional science committees, which are controlled by Republicans, are all climate change and science deniers.


Lindsey Graham will not win the Republican nomination for president because he believes climate change is real.

Where is the Republican party at on the issue? That's where they're at.

  • Draxiar

    A religion, eh? If only that were true.

  • muselet

    “I’d like to come up with [a GOP environmental platform], I’d like to have a debate within the party. Can you say that climate change is a scientifically sound phenomenon, but can you reject the idea you have to destroy the economy to solve the problem is sort of where I’ll be taking this debate.”

    Gabby Johnson would be proud.

    Notice how Lindsey Graham tossed out the ridiculous “destroy the economy” line, which the Drill, Baby, Drill! crowd has been peddling since the Kyoto Protocol was big news. Making the US economy—and the world economy—more energy-efficient won’t destroy it, as just about every competent economist has pointed out.

    I look forward to James Inhofe’s Great Purge of the GOP’s apparat of apostates like Lindsey Graham.


  • Christopher Foxx

    What is the environmental platform of the Republican party?,” … “I don’t know

    “The problem is Al Gore has turned this thing into a religion,”
    “…climate change is not a religious problem for me, it is an economic, it is an environmental problem.”

    So, Graham, a “leader” in the Republican who should know where the party stands, admits that a) the Republicans have no position on a major issue and b) he has no idea what it should be. (Republican “leadership”.)

    Then he blames it on Gore making it a religion. (Republican “party of personal responsibility”.)

    Then, after offering that excuse, he undermines himself by claiming it doesn’t matter because “it’s not a religious problem” after all. (Yet more typical Republican hypocrisy and stupidity.)

  • ninjaf

    Wouldn’t that just be all sorts of funny if Lindsey Graham comes out looking reasonable (he’s not) and comes out the belle of the Republican primary ball?