Graham: Trump’s Fantasy Budget is “Dead on Arrival”

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

Look, I don't know how much weight Lindsey Graham's words carry these days, but seeing Republicans throw Trump's proposals back in his face is like a life-giving elixir.

The Trump regime will introduce a budget proposal at some point in the near future that is expected to call for cutting the State Department by at least a third while shuttering a dozen foreign services and possibly even eliminate foreign aid entirely.

For these reasons among others, Senator Graham says Trump's fantasy budget proposal is "dead on arrival."

"It's dead on arrival. It's not going to happen. It would be a disaster," Graham said.

He said that if Trump limits the State Department's ability to exercise "soft power" he is "never going to win the war."

"What's most disturbing about the cut in the State Department's budget, it shows a lack of understanding," Graham said.

Trump doesn't understand how anything works? What gave it away?

Over 120 retired 3 and 4-star generals signed a letter this morning urging the administration and Congress to not cut State Department funding, and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has also said he's against cutting the department's funding.

I have a hunch that cuts for State Department funding will not be the only very bad idea included in Trump's fantasy budget which is being drafted by recently-confirmed OMB Director Mick Mulvaney, a man so ridiculous even most Republicans give him funny looks. We should expect the Trump/Mulvaney budget proposal to be equally as ridiculous as both of them are.

And to be clear, that's all it is: a proposal. Congress is ultimately responsible for appropriating funds for the federal government. President Obama also released a budget proposal every year, but very few of his ideas made it into law after Republicans took control of Congress.

There's a very high chance Trump himself doesn't understand that his own budget proposal is nothing more than a piece of paper, but he will learn in the near future and it won't be pretty; it will be fucking beautiful.

  • Georgie

    What is happening in that header picture…

    • Aynwrong

      Maybe he was trying to win over the youth vote with his best Miley Cyrus impression.

  • Christopher Foxx

    There’s a very high chance Trump himself doesn’t understand…

    That odds on that chance being 1:1.

  • muselet

    It must be an odd-numbered week: Lindsey Graham is making sense.

    If Donald Trump’s budget proposal came up for a vote, Graham would enthusiastically vote Aye, because that’s what he does. However, at least for now he does recognize the catastrophe that would certainly follow.

    If the Rs do reject Trump’s budget proposal, just imagine the tweetstorm that would follow. That would be a show worth watching.


    • Aynwrong

      As Charlie Pierce recently said on Twitter about John McCain “speaking out,”

      “That’s all he ever does.”

      Same rule applies to Graham.

  • Scopedog

    “There’s a very high chance Trump himself doesn’t understand that his
    own budget proposal is nothing more than a piece of paper …”

    But that’s just it–he doesn’t understand ANYTHING. Not one fucking thing–except how to fleece anyone and everyone.

    And the sad fact is that someone was trying to tell us this last year, giving countless examples and using fact. But the media, the GOP, and some idiots on the far Left were only focused on this:

  • waspuppet

    “There’s a very high chance Trump himself doesn’t understand that his own budget proposal is nothing more than a piece of paper …”

    I hadn’t thought of that, but of course you’re right. Trump not knowing something about American governance — or about anything other than how to scam a few bucks off a failed Manhattan real estate deal — is always the safe bet.