Grand Old Potty

(Cartoonist - Pat Bagley)

In other news, infamous birther Sheriff Joe Arpaio may be headed back to court soon to face possible criminal charges for ignoring a judge's orders to stop racial profiling.

Meanwhile, enrollment in Medicaid expansion under Obamacare began in Louisiana today. The state is expected to enroll 375,000 people.

Governor John Bel Edwards isn't perfect and the "blue lives matter" law he just signed is ridiculous, but he's still better than a Republican. A Democrat who agrees you with most of the time is better than a Republican. If a Republican was in office right now, 375,000 people still wouldn't have access to healthcare.

  • mnpollio

    Ughh…that old douche Arpaio should have been in jail long ago. Unfortunately, there are still legions of conservative nutjobs calling him “America’s Sheriff.”

  • The judge put off his ruling for a couple of more months, which makes me happy because it will be closer to election day. Maybe, just maybe, this time Arpaio’s shenanigans will keep him out of office. I doubt it but I have a shred of hope. His lawyer is practically begging for civil contempt and is offerring to have Arpaio donate $100,000 to a Hispanic rights organization. As if buying himself out of the situation is acceptable. What should happen is he should be charged with criminal contempt, forced to spend a few months in his own shitty jail, forced to pay restitution to the people of Maricopa County for wasting our tax dollars, and be sued civilly as an individual by all the Hispanic plaintiffs. Can you tell I loathe him? 😉

  • That asshat (Arpaio) can’t be behind bars soon enough.

    • He will find some way to get out of it and the people of Maricopa County will re-elect him again this Fall. Frigging idiots.