Grassley: Iowans Spend Too Much Money on Women

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

Are you rich?


Well, if you're not, it must be because you spend all of your money on women and booze.

“I think not having the estate tax recognizes the people that are investing,” [Senator Chuck Grassley] said, “as opposed to those that are just spending every darn penny they have, whether it’s on booze or women or movies.

This was Grassley's response when he was asked why he voted to eliminate the estate tax which doesn't apply to the overwhelming majority of families or family farms in Iowa.

Taken at face value, Grassley is saying average families in Iowa are worth less than $11 million (the estate tax threshold for a married couple) because they've blown all their money on "booze or women."

Is Grassley saying men and women spend too much money on their girlfriends and wives, or is he saying his fellow Iowans spend too much money on prostitutes?

In any case, quick napkin math tells me you'd have to drink about $185 in alcohol every single day for 75 years straight to spend $5 million (the estate tax threshold for an individual) on alcohol.

It remains to be seen if Iowans will recognize how insulting this is to all of them, whether they're conservative or not. Your red MAGA hat isn't going to save you from the future recession Republicans are engineering right now. Republicans in Congress don't give a single fuck about you.

  • Victor the Crab

    Why hasn’t anyone beaten the living shit out of Chuck Grassley yet?

  • And of course he equates “women” with things that aren’t human. Women are just another object on which to waste money. They’re not people in their own right who also earn/need money.

  • Aynwrong

    Chuck Grassley is one of the great assholes of our time.

    • Georgie

      Steve King is right there with him.

      • Tony Lavely

        Who knew fly-over country could be *so* prolific with political idiots, (with apologies to idiots)?

  • Draxiar

    If Iowans do it right they’ll hat trick with booze at the movies with a woman. And truth be told it’s better than picking up kids at the mall or courthouse as a district attorney so you can molest them…or forcing yourself on a married woman while you’re also married…or conspiring with Russia to steal a national election because you wouldn’t win otherwise…

    Anyone else got one? I want to share the fun!

  • muselet

    Good grief.

    Even if you interpret it in the most generous way possible, Chuck Grassley’s comment is arrogant, heartless and just plain weird.

    Maybe Grassley and all the idle-rich donors he’s trying so hard to repay should attend a seminar on estate planning instead of blowing up the economy. They might learn how to minimize their estate tax liabilities, and the rest of us who occasionally enjoy booze and women (or men, for that matter) and movies wouldn’t have to fear living in a post-apocalyptic wasteland once the inevitable “Oh, dear, the debt’s exploded, whoever could have predicted such a thing? We must do something about it (other than raise taxes, of course)!” cuts in services kick in.

    I’ve never had much respect for Grassley, and what little I did have has now evaporated.


    • Tony Lavely

      I have to say, I’m not nearly generous enough to try and “interpret it in the most generous way possible”. I suppose I’m just shallow and… not a Republican.

      • muselet

        Well, understand that the most generous interpretation possible still makes Grassley sound like an anhedonic scold; it just makes him sound infinitesimally less of an arsehole.


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  • Yeah, there’s so much stupidity, sexism, misogyny, and contempt to unpack in that simple statement.