Great Again

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

(Cartoonist - Nick Anderson)

In other news, the U.S. International Trade Commission says American companies have been harmed by imports of wood products from Brazil and China, so we can probably expect tariffs on those soon.

Meanwhile, new cases of the coronavirus identified in Iran and Lebanon are concerning World Health Organization (WHO) officials because they have no apparent link to the outbreak in China, meaning it could be spreading through other means.

Finally, Trump's chief of staff Mick Mulvaney told a private gathering what most of the world already knows: Republicans are completely full of shit on the deficit.

"My party is very interested in deficits when there is a Democrat in the White House. The worst thing in the whole world is deficits when Barack Obama was the president," Mulvaney said. "Then Donald Trump became president, and we're a lot less interested as a party."

Water is wet.

Have a good weekend, folks.

  • mnpollio

    What difference does it make for them to admit this? Cheney already admitted the deficit/debt trolling was all BS back in the day, but that did not prevent these Republican “think” thanks from flooding the airwaves with BS under Obama about how nothing mattered but those things, the world was going to end unless the spend-thrift Democrats brought it under control, and thus Republicans would refuse to vote for any spending bills until such a feat was accomplished. And where were the Beltway pundits and mainstream media during this? Calling them out? No – instead we got the sound of crickets. Because the Beltway pundits and mainstream media are so scared of their own shadow of being falsely labeled as having a fictitious “liberal bias” that even in the most extreme circumstances they must pretend that the Republicans are “very serious” people.

  • katanahamon

    Meanwhile Sotomayor has pushed the panic button, in a dissent she has revealed (unsurprisingly) that the Court is doing politicized favors for the Rump administration. I don’t necessarily want a politicized, left leaning Court, although that would be better than right leaning, I want a justice system that is fully fair and honest. Maybe I was just younger and stupider about how politicized the Supreme Court was, but to have a right leaning Court in this time is bad news. It’s a real shame that there isn’t a single branch of government besides the House willing to Do Their Jobs..! What an utter mockery of democracy..Blagojevich saying he was a “political prisoner” when in fact was just a convicted criminal..these horrific pardons, emoluments clause out the window, hypocritical golf tab, and like I’ve been saying for three years now, who’s paying for these “presidential” rallies? Why has no one written about how much time and money have gone to these rallies, and has any other president done this? Just to propagandize and assuage his festering ego? It’s all just disgusting..

  • muselet

    • Just what we need, another front in Donald Trump’s Forever Trade War.

    • “No direct tie to China” is not the same as “no tie to China.” It’s concerning, especially given the four deaths out of 18 cases of Covid-19 in Iran, but without knowing the incubation period, it’s not time to push the panic button. Yet.

    • Whoever recorded Mick Mulvaney’s comments at Oxford Union deserves a round of applause, at least.

    • And for the usual no particular reason (I like the song enough I’m willing to cut Tim Minchin some slack for saying “babushka,” which means “grandmother,” instead of “matryushka”, the word for nesting dolls):

    Have a good weekend, all.