Great Again

(Cartoonist - Ed Hall)

In other news, Citigroup's chief economist says a Trump presidency could cause a global recession through depressed investment and consumption.

Meanwhile, a Georgia pastor who said victims of the Pulse nightclub shooting "got what they deserved" has been arrested for child molestation. It never fails, does it?

Finally, Las Vegas police arrested a man who was allegedly planning to carry out a mass shooting against "gays, faggots, lesbians and satanists" to protect his "second amendment rights." His plans were announced in a Youtube video he published himself, which seems like a very stupid thing to do but I'm glad it allowed authorities to arrest him before rather than after a massacre.

Interestingly, Vegas police were reportedly tipped off by Interpol. Interpol may be keeping a closer eye on extremism than our own law enforcement agencies.

  • swift_4

    We used to make fun of Interpol because videotapes would tell us that if we copied movies Interpol would come and arrest us. We imagined they would bust in with Outrageous French Accents.

    “Vous ne pas copy zeese moveeeez!”

    But they seem to be pretty effective and badass, which leads me to believe they weren’t too worried about the large collection of pirated vhs movies I used to have. Maybe the US government should try their approach. Stop arresting people for stupid shit and concentrate on the guys out to kill people.

    • Aynwrong

      Focus on actual threats? What are ya, Some kinda stinken’ liberal?!?

  • Victor the Crab

    Please proceed homophobic asswipe, so that the authorities can arrest your sorry ass and throw you in jail where you’d be forced to perform those acts you feel are an abomination.

    • Wildson

      Hopefully the man will learn two things:

      1. Don’t drop the soap.

      2. jelly or syrup…