Senator Barack Obama

Great Wall of Duh: Hawaii Edition

TNR's Michael Crowley:

But if Obama’s being smeared as a highfalutin celebrity who is somehow “other” and distant from the American heartland, is Hawaii really the ideal vacation destination? It sounds trivial but such things can resonate...

And the Politico:

“For somebody who has been called ‘elitist,’ going to Hawaii is not exactly going against type,” [Douglas Schoen, a pollster for Clinton’s reelection campaign] said. “I would rather have him going to national parks.”

But if you say "nookular" and wear a giant belt buckle, you can vacation at a place like this.

The lack of journalistic integrity is staggering. Of the two candidates, Senator McCain is clearly more pampered, wealthier and overall more fitting of the "elite" label. The shoes, the private jet, the beer fortune, the numerous TV and feature film appearances. So... Crowley and the rest have pegged the elitist label on the black candidate from Illinois who just recently paid off his student loans? Very serious!