Republican Party

Ground Zero for American Politics

I'm so rarely floored by political news anymore. But last night the following segment of the Rachel Maddow Show floored me. I knew the Republicans were out of control with their budget cuts and fiscal insanity, but this goes beyond anything I've heard so far.

Instead of raising taxes on the super-rich, Michigan Republicans are employing dictatorial powers -- dissolving local governments and selling off public facilities to private corporations, including, as you'll find out below, a public school for pregnant teens. This is tea party government in action. This is your pro-life party. They arrest pregnant teens and deprive them of a decent education -- instead of taxing the rich. Utterly disgusting.

Michigan should be the top story on every news show in the nation because it underscores what tea party Republican governing is all about.

E.D. Kain brings us the latest from the Republican dictatorship in Michigan where they're arresting pregnant teens for doing nothing more than defending their right to an education:

Detroit Emergency Financial Manager Robert Bobb announced last month that he was closing eight schools, and selling up to 45 more to charter companies. Among those slated for clsoure was the Catherine Ferguson Academy, a school designed for pregnant teens and the only one of its kind in the nation. One reason the announcement came as such a surprise to students and teachers there is that Catherine Ferguson has a stellar track record, boasting 90% graduation rates and 100% college acceptance rates.

Now, via Daily Kos, it appears that protesting teachers, teen mothers, and their children were arrested after staging a peaceful sit-in at the school protesting its closure...

We have to help Rachel make this a major national story. People have to know. As such, this will be the only post on the blog today in order to highlight its importance. I want everyone here to watch it and spread it around to everyone else. Facebook it. Tweet it. Email it. Digg it. Reddit it. Just go.