Guess Condi’s not a role model

Army recruitment of blacks and women is down. One guess why. (Here's a hint: four letter word that starts with "I" and ends with "Q.")

From AP:

Young blacks have grown markedly less willing to join the Army, citing fear of being sent to fight a war in Iraq they don't believe in, according to unpublicized studies for the military that suggest the Army is entering a prolonged recruiting slump.

"More African Americans identify having to fight for a cause they don't support as a barrier to military service," concluded an August 2004 study for the Army. It also said attitudes toward the Army among all groups of American youth have grown more negative in recent years.

"In the past, barriers were about inconvenience or preference for another life choice," the study said. "Now they have switched to something quite different: fear of death or injury."

But...who's gonna go die for oil -- I mean freedom -- in Iran?

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