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Gun Control Advocates Score With Super Bowl Ad

The gun control advocacy group, Mayors Against Illegal Guns, paid for a 30 second ad to run during the Super Bowl, at which time Wayne LaPierre's unearthed statements on universal background checks will be used peacefully, as an unarmed, non-violent appeal to the organization's dramatic shift in attitude toward universal background checks, and some minimal safeguards against the flow of guns in the American fishbowl.

Wayne LaPierre is shown in the ad and is quoted, saying:

"We think it’s reasonable to provide mandatory, instant criminal background checks for every sale at every gun show. No loopholes anywhere, for anyone."

-Public testimony from 1999.

Expect Wayne and The Gang to come out in full force against their prior statements because they have no clothes, and, at this point, Lil' Wayne La Pierre is just dangling in the wind on a very cold day. I'm sure he'll pick up one of those kids and use em' like a human shield-- firing off a couple more holed up warning shots in what is hopefully the last hostage standoff America will have to endure at the trigger happy hands of Wayne LaPierre and his emotionally unstable leadership of a $32 billion dollar a year gun industry.

  • joseph2004

    This morning on ABC’s ThisWeek with GS, it was interesting listening to Harry Reid in a pre-recorded interview with GS with regards to the gun control issue. Harry has a good relationship with the NRA, he said, and with Wayne LaPierre.

    Harry Reid could have been Wayne LaPierre for all I know because he answered GS’s questions in exactly the same way. He was evasive, non-committal on the issue, needed to wait to see the legislation.

    Last week on CBS, they reported on gun crime in a number of US cities. The outstanding characteristic that separated the high gun crime cities from the low was the harsh penalties in the low gun crime cities against committing crimes with guns. Tough laws and enforcement works. Banning this or that gun or adding background checks (didn’t help in Newtown) is mere window dressing, political theater.

    Giuliani’s New York proved that actually enforcing laws works, to the point where violent crime in NY City dropped on his watch so much that the nationwide violent crime figures dropped significantly as a result. Clinton was president at the time and of course took credit for the drop he had nothing to do with, and subsequently determined to discredit Giuliani’s efforts later when it became apparent Giuliani might run against Hillary for a New York senate seat.

    There are Federal Gun laws that make all sorts of gun ownership and use illegal in the United States. But, like immigration laws, the will, at the very least, does not seem to be there to actually enforce those laws. That’s a pity, because contrary to what many want us to believe, tough laws and the will to enforce them does impact how criminals behave. If committing a crime with gun in hand carries no additional cost, gun use crime goes up.
    Based on what we’re seeing and hearing about this debate, if there is a final bill that actually gets passed, how much you want to bet that serious – serious – provisions at enforcing existing laws already on the books will be part of it?
    Without such provisions, all we’ll have is a few politicians claiming they “made a difference” for our children while doing absolutely nothing substantive at all.

    Incidentally, isn’t it great that Obama gets to go skeet shooting all the time? Does he ever bring guests? Who pays for the ammo?

    • 1933john

      More horseshit from Joe.

    • Victor_the_Crab

      All that typing, and nothing but the usual diseased bullshit coming from you, JoeyFuckface. Aren’t you ever embarassed?