Half Staff

(Cartoonist - David Fitzimmons)

In other news, the RNC platform committee voted in favor of a Bundy amendment calling on Congress to give control of federal land to western states.

Meanwhile, the Flying Monkey Freedom Caucus is demanding that Speaker Ryan hold a vote to impeach IRS commissioner John Koskinen before they adjourn for a 7-week recess. In case you forgot, they want to impeach Koskinen over the fake IRS scandal that actually occurred before he even became the commissioner.

Finally, Fox News has just cut Newt Gingrich as one of their paid contributors. We won't know for sure until Trump actually speaks the words and reveals his running mate, but Gingrich is near the top of the list for possible VPs.

  • Is the Official GOP Clown Car big enough for both of them with their big hair and outsized egos?

    • Aynwrong

      And their wives?

      • And their wives’ big hair? If I recall correctly Mrs. Gingrich has quite the coiffure.

        /and as soon as I typed that, it sounded dirty…..ewwwww

        • muselet

          Oh, dear lord! Brain bleach! STAT!


        • Nefercat

          Oh I don’t know that I would say Callista has big hair. I would say more… enameled? laminated? Or as we said when I was a bit younger, helmet head?

        • Draxiar

          Don’t forget her wild eyes…

          • Georgie

            What fresh hell is this!!!

          • swift_4

            I’ve come to think of them as Republican Eyes.