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Hank Paulson Is Still Breathing Free Air

Former Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson, now chairman of the cleverly named Paulson Institute– a think tank dedicated to money laundering and finding new ways to destroy the American economy and enslave the human race– came out of the woodwork today to piss on the burning wreckage he left behind and discussed where we are five years after the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression, which he helped to cause.

On Meet The Press, Paulson predicted more financial crisis to come, but nothing like 2008. I think he was bragging about the size of his unbeatable financial crisis. It is a tough act to follow.

After blaming the 2008 financial crisis on “bad mortgages” and “Fannie & Freddie,” but not an ideology that puts all of the country’s eggs in the Wall Street derivatives basket and predatory lending industry, which were all working in collusion at the time the financial sector’s ticking time-bomb exploded all over our national priorities with his blessing, he all but took credit for an economy that is still staggering from the experience, saying, “Today the economy is growing at 2 percent, although that’s not enough, it’s something we can take satisfaction in given the amount of leveraging that needed to be done.”

See, if it hadn’t been for that three-page application which funneled nearly a trillion dollars to prop up capitalism like Weekend at Bernie’s, and which was conveniently exempt from oversight, we would surely be lost.

After taking credit for getting Forrest Gump’s legs worked out, the former Treasury Secretary proclaimed that “the world would be all his someday!” And added, “hahahaaa, suckers!” for good measure.

Okay, maybe not.

But on the anniversary of the 2008 financial sector meltdown, a meltdown that Hank Paulson was a key accomplice to, President Obama is slated to deliver a speech Monday to mark the occasion surrounded by Americans who are recovering and who have benefited from his policies since then. Everything from healthcare, housing, education, consumer protections, and tax policies.

I’m pretty sure that the president’s assessment tomorrow will be more reflective and respectful of reality than Hank Paulson and his little stink tank institute.

  • Badgerite

    My personal favorite quote from Paulson was his assessment of the bonuses the wall street CEO’s were giving themselves after damn near destroying the world economy and having to be bailed out by the American taxpayer to the tune of at least $700 billion. He thought the taking of bonuses by them at that time was “ungracious”. Ungracious? isn’t that a little like calling Jack the Ripper ill mannered?

  • muselet

    It is astonishing how shameless these people are.


  • Schneibster

    I’ll be interested in what Krugman and DeLong have to say.