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Harry Reid Going Nuclear? Mitch McConnell Warns Democrats


“You will rue the day,” Democrats!

That was an actual threat heard from the domestic terrorist wing of American politics during last Thursday’s showdown in the Senate between Minority Leader McConnell(R-Turtlevania) and Majority Leader Reid over procedural maneuvers Harry Reid intends to implement some time tomorrow to “reduce to 51 from 60 the number of votes needed to end filibusters on executive-branch nominees.” Not judicial nominees, mind you, just executive branch nominees.

Some people like to call it “The Nuclear Option” because there is a Godless shortage of hyperbole and war imagery in the country’s senate procedures.

Reports indicate that The Harry Reid Train is actually going to plow through the obstructionist wall this time, unless McConnell and Senate Republicans agree at the last minute to stop filibustering the nominations of Richard Cordray(Consumer Financial Protection Bureau)– Gina McCarthy(head of the Environmental Protection Agency)– Thomas Perez(Labor secretary) and three key picks for the National Labor Relations Board.

Labor unions and consumer advocates are about to take back some power and strengthen government protections, and all Mitch McConnell can do is offer more threats of intellectual violence and repercussions that amount to a red Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robot that’s just about wound down and punched out.

But Mitch McConnell is warning us all that elections matter, and he intends to make the country pay if he ever gets a hold of power again. Ruthless, vindictive, unrelenting and sadistic– today’s GOP.

This is why elections matter.

(image via Wiki Commons)

  • Christopher Foxx

    unless McConnell and Senate Republicans agree at the last minute to stop filibustering the nominations of Richard Cordray (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau) – Gina McCarthy (head of the Environmental Protection Agency) – Thomas Perez (Labor secretary) and three key picks for the National Labor Relations Board.

    Gosh. How in the world have they managed to filibuster these nominations for years? Have they been taking turns standing at the podium talking? I suppose they make the most junior person take the Christmas day shift.

    Seriously, there is literally nothing I’d look to the Texas legislature for, with one exception: at least they do know how to make a filibuster actually require effort.

  • Paul Deemer

    See that is what Republicans are really all about , Payback and Vendettas against Democrats. It’s not about doing their Jobs or the will of the people, or getting people back to work. It’s about petty little bickering and acting like whinny little Kids. Yet Corporate Money keeps getting them re-elected. That and stupid Republican Voters who keep on believing their lies and BS. Remember this people in 2014 and 2016. Get out there and Vote like never before in history. Turn out in record numbers and we can get rid of these deadbeat loser Congressmen that don’t earn their pay.

  • Jay Louis

    “Rue the day? Who talks like that?” – Real Genius

  • muselet

    I have the feeling Harry Reid really wants to do this, but he has to tread carefully because some in the D caucus (yeah, I’m looking at you, Dick Durbin!) don’t want the filibuster changed.


    • mrbrink

      Rue the day!!!

      For old times’ sake!

  • D_C_Wilson

    I’ll believe it when it actually happens. Harry Reid has made this threat before and always misplaces his balls when it comes time to actually pull the trigger.

    As for the esteemed senator from Turtlevania, remember when he stated his number one goal was making Obama a one term president? We need to put even more effort than that into making this McChinless’s last term in the Senate.

  • Bubble Genius


  • Victor_the_Crab

    Here’s hoping Harry Reid has a spine he can stiffen.