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Harry Reid Trolls Mitch McConnell

By now you’ve probably heard that the Senate has “gone nuclear,” paving the way to confirm a host of judicial nominees in waiting. What you may have missed is Majority Leader Harry Reid trolling Minority Leader Mitch McConnell with the best of them.

I believe Harry Reid called himself old and then mocked Mitch McConnell with a Vine, and it was brilliant.

He’s right, by the way, Republicans only favor up-or-down votes when they’re picking the nominees.

As a bonus, this also made me laugh this afternoon.

President Rubio! Ha!

  • theronware

    Rubio couldn’t make president of the local rotary club.

  • chris ellis

    This is amazing to me. THey are simply nominating people to fill vacancies. Since when is that packing? Since the ones nominated would be rational, I guess.

  • Nefercat

    Best little movie I have seen in a long time, Harry, you talented rascal.

  • Christopher Foxx

    Going nuclear: about time.
    Directly Republicans out on their hypocrisy: Also about time. And, yes, more of this, please.

    • Ya now, I hate that phrase, the “Nuclear option”–not blaming you, just bitching in general. It a “constitutional option”! What’s nuclear is the way in which Republicans have been obstructing the President and completely failing to govern the nation for the last 5 years. Now that is “nuclear”, scorched earth, no holds barred behavior.

  • Is anyone concerned that this means there will NEVER be another Supreme Court Justice affirmed while a Democrat is in the WH? Because I can *totally* see Reprehensibleubclians doing such.

    • To be clear, I’m thrilled that Reid finally ‘pulled the trigger’.

    • dkxkee

      Things were probably about to that point anyway.

    • Ipecac

      Yeah, I’m pretty sure they were planning on filibustering the next Supreme Court nominee regardless.

      Although, Supreme Court nominees are much higher profile so it will be interesting to see if they do try it. The President could appoint someone beyond reproach (like he usually does) and the obstruction would be unusually visible, much more so than Appellate court nominees that the public doesn’t usually care about.