North Korea

‘He said some terrific things about me’

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

Just how easy is it to manipulate and lure Trump into another blunder in the making?

All it takes is a few words.

The White House has confirmed that they're going to arrange another fruitless summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un thanks in no small part to a "warm" letter Kim addressed to Trump.

It's abundantly clear that North Korea has not taken any steps to follow up on a non-existent pledge to disarm that Kim Jong-un never really made, but that's nothing a few compliments can't make up for.

From the Washington Post:

Press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders told reporters that Kim requested the follow-up to the historic Singapore summit in June in a “warm, very positive letter” to Trump delivered in recent days. [...]

[The] president has reacted positively to Kim’s recent overture, boasting at a rally in Montana late last week that Kim had “said some terrific things about me.

He said very strongly that we want to denuclearize North Korea during President Trump’s tenure,” Trump told supporters at the event in Billings, citing reports from South Korean emissaries who had visited Pyongyang and met with Kim last week.

I couldn't help but shriek with laughter at the thought of Kim Jong-un's advisers writing a letter that seems to have been explicitly designed to flatter Trump and appeal to his unparalleled vanity.

The idea that Kim Jong-un wants Trump to be the one who takes his nuclear weapons away, as if Trump were signing a pledge to take away North Korea's virginity, is so hilarious I can't even type it with a straight face. And yet that appears to be what's happening here.

I recall the plot of "Chinpokomon," an episode of South Park that originally aired in 1999 in which the Japanese distract American men from a second attack on Pearl Harbor by complimenting the size of their penises.

We don't know if Kim Jong-un has complimented Trump's penis, but it's plausible.

  • Draxiar

    So if trumps house is getting robbed all one has to do is compliment his beautiful hair, big muscles, and his gorgeous oversized hands and he’ll probably let you take what you want and call you a very fine person.

  • muselet

    If Kim Jong-un ever did compliment Donald Trump’s penis, Trump would give him Hawaii and Alaska with an option on Washington state.


  • I can’t….I just….I…..OFFS

    • muselet

      I’m right there with you.


    • Draxiar

      Yeah that sums it up for me too.