Healthcare Is A Winning Issue

Congressional leadership would do well to mail around a one-word memo to Blue Dogs.

To: Congressman Blue Dog (D-AHIP)
From: Democratic Leadership
Subject: Re: Healthcare Reform

Creigh Deeds ran against healthcare reform.

I'm not saying anything new here. It's obvious to anyone paying attention that Creigh Deeds lost because he ran away from the president's agenda on healthcare reform and other administration priorities. And he lost in a landslide.

Healthcare reform is easy to sell. You won't have to worry about not qualifying for insurance anymore. You can start your own business and take your policy with you, or sign up for the affordable public plan. It will create jobs and stimulate the economy and reduce the federal budget deficit. Americans will pay less for insurance.

The Democrats who run on conservadem platforms next year and against the healthcare reform bill will lose. Not because of healthcare reform passing, but because they opposed it.

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