• What do you expect from this fat fuck sitting in double reinforced leather chair entombed within air conditioned room?

    Frankly, I’m surprised he even gets out of that room on his own two feet (with someone that morbidly obese, are they even called that?).

  • muselet

    Am I the only one who found Fat Boy’s rant unusually incoherent, even for him?

    (Also, I misread the headline as, “Heart? What Heart?”)


  • JMAshby

    He’s getting very close to alleging that the government is using weather manipulating technology to make things hotter just to perpetuate the climate change. Ya’ know, so Al Gore can get rich. Or something or whatever.

    That’s the next logical step after saying the heat index is a fake number.

    Wait, did I say logic? Scratch that.

    By the way, some parts of Texas haven’t seen a day below 100 degrees since April. Is that a hoax too?