Here’s a Terrible Idea

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

The federal government may shut down again on February 15th if Trump and congressional Republicans continue to insist that funding for Trump's fantasy border wall should be attached to any funding bill that keeps the government running, but Senator Lindsey Graham has a much, much worse idea.

Graham says he spoke to Trump and recommended that he ask Congress to attach border wall funding to the national debt ceiling.

The South Carolina Republican told the news outlet that he thinks "the president understands we need to raise the debt ceiling. It comes due in March, so why not just expedite things?"

Graham would not explicitly say whether Trump would insist on a debt ceiling increase as part of the immigration deal that lawmakers aim to strike before government funding expires.

"I don't speak for him," the senator told CNN. "I'm just saying, we talked about a package and I think the president basically believes that his priority of barrier funding can be achieved solving other problems also."

What could go wrong?

Well, Trump is a man who once said we could avoid raising the debt ceiling by simply printing more money.

Lindsey Graham is playing with fire.

  • mnpollio

    Is Graham really this desperate for a man to protect him that he needs to crawl this far up Trump’s ass?

  • Draxiar

    Lindsey Graham really is lost without McCain to tell him how to think.

  • muselet

    Sweet merciful McGillicuddy.

    I knew Lindsey Graham was a shameless partisan hack, but recommending a new hostage to Donald Trump is dangerously irresponsible (the old “monkey with a machine gun” meme springs to mind).

    What a clown.


  • katanahamon

    The problem with the Republicans and the right wing is that they don’t want to make things better in America, they want to appease the base they have, increase it if possible by cheating, lying, gerrymandering, etc, and get more power to legislate more tax breaks for the one percent and eliminate government. Unless we legislate some sort of “truth in broadcasting and media” with real teeth and punishment, America will continue to divide into bubbles of unreality constantly reinforced by lies and propaganda. Now we have a president we allow to lie, and lie, and lie with impunity. The Repubs and right wing are expanding on this permission to lie.