Here’s Another Reason to Vote in 2018 if You Needed One

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

Pro Publica reports that the Department of Homeland Security was only able to scrape together $20 million in funding that could be redirected for a border wall. That funding is currently being used to pay for the design and construction of small prototypes.

We already knew that, but Pro Publica also reports that construction of a wall could not begin for at least two years even if Congress fully funded the project tomorrow.

And, by the way, land acquisition may cost more than the wall.

If the money eventually comes through, it will take two years to start construction, said Mark Borkowski, the agency’s chief procurement official.

Other factors could also throw off the schedule. The cost of obtaining land along the Texas border, which is largely in private hands, and in California, where real estate is expensive, could in some cases cost more than the wall itself.

Borkowski said he also anticipates the possibility of bid protests filed by competitors who believe they were unfairly denied contracts.

For those doing the math, this means Democrats have an opportunity to retake control of Congress and ensure that this never happens.

The prospect of actually building Trump's fantasy border wall is already on shaky ground as Congress is not going to fund it until at least fiscal 2018 at the earliest, meaning construction would not begin until nearly 2020, but we can't afford to leave anything to chance. It's long past time for people who believe in responsible governance to stop taking it for granted.

If you live in certain congressional districts, you may have an opportunity to vote sooner rather than later. A special election for Georgia's 6th congressional district will be held on Tuesday.

It's also imperative that we elect state lawmakers and governors who will oppose Trump and oppose the GOP long after he's gone.

  • muselet

    Once more, reality reaches out and smacks nincompoops upside the head, those on the Right with the cold reality that their precious border wall is a pipe dream, those on the Right with the cold reality that much of the stupidity will stop if we pry the Rs’ hands off the controls.

    Being nincompoops, they are likely not to notice.


  • Aynwrong

    It’s really not a difficult equation. If you care at all about good, responsible, moral governance you have to vote for the Democrat in any race regardless of who he or she is or Amy perceived lack of liberal purity. That’s the best, long term to stopping and undercutting Trump. Activism is a fine thing. It’s essential. But once a general election has begun that’s the choice you have.

    Flittering off into the utopia that is Greenwaldistan is the best gift a liberal can hand to the GOP. Why that’s so difficult to grasp is something I’ll never grasp.

    • Christopher Foxx

      “But if we keep voting for one of the two major parties, nothing will ever change. Because they’re both the same!”

      The mating cry of the self-absorbed moron.

      • Scopedog

        ….And there are many of them on the far Left, sadly….

        • Christopher Foxx

          The left were who I was referring to. Those on the right don’t whine that both parties are the same.

          On the right they spout lies and vote in whatever way they think will piss the left off.

          The left is the whiners. The right is the vindictive.

    • Scopedog

      Flittering off into the utopia that is Greenwaldistan is the best gift a liberal can hand to the GOP.