Here’s Rand Paul’s List of Demands

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) says he won't support the Senate GOP's deathcare bill because it doesn't go far enough, but saying it doesn't go far enough is a bit nebulous.

Rand, son of Ron, has compiled a specific list of demands that will make it far easier to state just how far he wants to go.

Among other things, Rand is calling for the end cost-sharing subsidies for insurers ("bailouts") which prevent premiums from spiking. He's also calling for the removal of tax credits and the insane "coverage requirement" that locks individuals out of the market for six months if they have a lapse in coverage.

I also believe those are bad policies, but Rand does not oppose them for the same reasons you or I may.

Whereas I believe offering premium tax credits to people who can't afford to cover the cost of health insurance up front is a meaningless half-gesture, Rand believes it's just another entitlement. And while I believe the GOP's punitive coverage requirement and insurance ban will only make matters much worse for those with limited means, Rand thinks it will somehow help poor people "game the system."

I don't know what Rand's fellow wingnut Senators Cruz (R-TX) and Lee (R-UT) are asking for, but I suspect their list of demands is fairly similar.

You can read Rand's letter to Mitch McConnell here:

  • mnpollio

    One has to love that Republicans are always so worried about someone “gaming the system” and their solution always seems to be to sabotage or abolish the system and throw the millions of people using the system properly into the gutter. Unless, of course, we are talking about mega-banks or Wall Street or wealthy donors, in which case we can overlook anyone “gaming the system” because otherwise the system is perfect except for these few miscreants who aren’t worth looking at too closely.

  • notanncoulter

    classic gimmetarian.
    i got mine – nobody else gets anything or i will call it a handout or entitlement.

  • Aynwrong

    Rand thinks it will somehow help poor people “game the system.”

    Senator Paul’s libertarianism would naturally have him opposing regulations that would prevent Wall Street using the “financial instruments” (does anyone else shake their head at that term?) that so deeply damaged our economy and cost millions of Americans their savings and livelihoods the last time a Republican was in the White House. But he’s concerned that the impoverished would “game the system.”

    • Draxiar

      That’s an interesting point. Wall Street used the laws to essentially “game the system” and it nearly brought about a full collapse of the global economy and to “libertarians” like Rand Paul it was the free market at work. Yet a mother of three stuck in a poverty trap is gaming the system by wanting to provide decent affordable healthcare for her children (Side Note: if Rand Paul was in her situation he’d probably fall completely apart). I would also like to point out that with government programs (and nearly anything else) you’ll always find people that take advantage of the system (just look at Mitch McConnell!). Those 10%-15%(?) that do shouldn’t override the 90%-85% that don’t. Sure it bothers me when people do game the system because for a few years my parents had to resort to welfare (long story) while they got back on their feet which is what those programs are for. But for Rand Paul to say that assistance programs are bad because some people game the system is terribly ignorant. He should walk a mile in their shoes…but of course he won’t ever do that.

  • muselet

    I note that Rand Paul describes his letter as outlining his “current position” on the Granny, You Need To Go Away Now Act of 2017, which implies he’ll come back for a second bite of the cherry later.

    If there weren’t literally millions of lives on the line, I might find the unseemly maneuvering and searching for political leverage surrounding the Senate bill amusing.