Joe Lieberman

He's Back and as Insufferable As Ever

Lieberman is back. Making friends.

Appearing on "Fox News Sunday," the Connecticut Independent suggested that he himself would oppose ratification of the START II Treaty that Obama signed in Prague this past week, in part because, he reasoned, the language left America vulnerable to a nuclear Iran.

This quote was particularly creepy:

"...commit to modernize our nuclear stockpile, so as we have less nuclear weapons we know that they are capable if, God forbid, we need them."

This implies that we pull out of the test ban treaty as well. It also implies that Joe Lieberman likes to see big phallic explosions.

By the way, how soon until the Republicans and wingnuts begin to deliberately confuse the parameters of the START II treaty and the president's Nuclear Posture Review -- two totally separate things? The START II treaty is just a bilateral arms reduction treaty with Russia. The other is a revision of who we'll attack -- when and why. In fact, when I first read about Lieberman's remarks, I thought that's what he was doing.