The Media

Hey O'Reilly

Dissent is good and absolutely necessary. But it's also okay to counter-attack dissent. I wish you had been as generous when you and Hannity and the rest were telling us that by opposing George W. Bush we were "emboldening the terrorists," or when you repeatedly cut off your guest's microphones while screaming for them to "shut up."

Supressing dissent is bad and dangerous. But no one is taking away your right to oppose the majority (though the stalking is creepy). In your ego-driven paranoiac state, you're mistaking media accountability for suppression of free speech and press. Many of us want to know why you blamed Jennifer Moore's rape and murder on her clothes and alcohol consumption. That's all. Incidentally, FOX News Channel is a much larger and better financed organization than ThinkProgress. I'm not so sure you're the helpless dissenter in this thing, but okay.

You may freely recommence your schizoid embolism already in progress.

Cheers and falafels,

PS. Regarding your view on the Moore tragedy: Fuck you, O'Reilly. I always have to work that into these posts.