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House Republicans Want to Defund the State Department Over Benghazi Emails

The State Department and many other federal agencies struggle to keep up with information requests filed by Congress, reporters, and the general public, but House Republicans have a plan to remedy the situation: cut their funding.

The House Appropriations Committee’s state and foreign operations bill for fiscal 2016 “withholds 15 percent of State Department’s operational funds until requirements related to proper management of Freedom of Information Act [FOIA] and electronic communications are met,” Republicans said in a statement.

Alec Gerlach, a spokesman for the State Department, warned a 15 percent cut would be “counterproductive,” making it harder to keep up with requests for documents from the public and members of Congress.

No shit?

Of all the bird-brained ideas House Republicans have had over the years, this may be the most stupefying.

The State Department reportedly receives over 20,000 FOIA requests per year and one can only assume that requests from whichever committee of distinguished jackasses is currently investigating a fake scandal account for at least half of them.

It's not clear how cutting the department's operating budget is suppose to hasten the release of information that must go through a vetting process performed by department staff before it can be released. It's not as if the department needs convincing or that cutting their budget would convince them to comply.

One could hardly blame you if you don't even remember why this is a thing and I'm honestly not sure if I even remember at this point. A multitude of Benghazi conspiracy theories were debunked by Republican-controlled committees during the previous session of Congress, but the new session of elected shitkickers is not giving up the hunt for the White Whale.

White House press secretary Josh Earnest panned the Republican bill as playing politics with security.

"Hearing it for the first time, I am struck by the irony that House Republicans, who profess to be significantly concerned about security at U.S. embassies around the world, are threatening to withhold funding for security at our embassies around the world.”

  • muselet

    Rs on the Select Solyndra IRS Committee to Investigate the Benghazi ACORN Birth Certificate Email Account are demanding the State Department immediately turn over every email Hillary Clinton has ever sent or received in her life.

    I somehow doubt the Rs would react well if sensitive information weren’t redacted from those emails before release. Indeed, I think they’d probably shriek about the Obama Administration’s carelessness and hatred of Murca &c &c.

    Now Rs on the House Appropriations Committee have decided to cut State’s funding until it does release those emails, apparently acting on the theory that making a task more difficult to complete will speed its completion. That’s creative, if not necessarily logical, thinking.

    The most interesting part is this:

    “The frustration continues,” Rep. Jim Jordan (Ohio), one of the Benghazi panel’s seven Republicans, told The Hill Tuesday morning. “We continue to try to persuade the State Department to give us information.”

    Jordan said he had not reviewed the 1,200 emails handed over last week but “staff is going over them.”

    Ponder that second paragraph for a moment. The Select Committee’s Rs just got a batch of documents and are demanding more, even though they haven’t read what they already have. Proof, if it was needed, this is about no higher principle than throwing a very public tantrum.


    • It’s a witch hunt. And they won’t be happy until the witch is swinging from the rafters.

      It is a damn enormous shame that the media does not call the Party of Cheap, Sleazy Reprobates out on their spending of taxpayer billions to mount constant, fruitless, fucking, witch hunts.

      • muselet

        It would be nice if the Rs paid a price for their shenanigans, even just once in a while.


      • Christopher Foxx

        It is a damn enormous shame that the media does not call the Party of Cheap, Sleazy Reprobates out on their spending of taxpayer billions to mount constant, fruitless, fucking, witch hunts.

        Or that the Democrats don’t either. “Hearing it for the first time, I am struck by the irony”? Very weak tea.

      • JMAshby

        The media is more than happy to have its next scoop handed to them, even if the scoop is bullshit flavored.

  • ninjaf

    Well, let’s see…

    By their logic, tax cuts increase revenues therefore budget cuts increase productivity.

    • JMAshby

      It’s science.

  • Nefercat

    I see Earnest is struck by this witlessness. He does not say he is surprised.