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Housebound Seniors Not Showing Enough Results for Mick Mulvaney

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

Forgive the deadpan, but this guy is a fucking asshole.

Trump's fantasy budget was unveiled yesterday morning and, as expected, it would cut spending for virtually everything except defense and completely eliminate dozens of programs and agencies.

Among the programs that could be eliminated by Trump's budget is Meals on Wheels, a program that delivers food to housebound seniors. And according to White House budget director Mick Mulvaney, a man so deranged even his fellow Republicans give him dirty looks, the Meals on Wheels program just isn't delivering the results he'd like to see.

Pressed by a reporter specifically on the effect of the cuts on programs like "Meals on Wheels," Mulvaney stressed that the program wasn't a direct federal program but one that states can decide to fund with their federal community development block grants.

"The CDBGs have been identified as programs since the second Bush administration as ones that were just not showing any results. We can't do that anymore," Mulvaney said. "We can't spend money on programs just because they sound good. Great, 'Meals on Wheels' sounds great. That's a state decision to fund that particular portion."

It's not clear what "results" Mulvaney and Trump expect to see, but you don't deliver food to seniors who are unable to leave their homes while expecting to receive something in return. This is basic humanitarian assistance, not a fucking socioeconomic experiment designed to rehabilitate the elderly into productive capitalist drones.

This literal granny-starving policy is brought to you by the same regime that gladly shells out tens of millions of dollars to pay for the security of Trump Tower and the Mar-a-Lago.

  • Badgerite

    The elderly are the new “welfare queens”. Charming.

  • muselet

    Donald Trump’s budget proposal is deliberately and mindlessly cruel.

    Zeroing out Community Development Block Grants is like zeroing out the Corporation for Public Broadcasting: a way to cause liberals pain while saving almost no money. Mick Mulvaney probably believes his palaver about programs’ effectiveness and results, but his bosses don’t care.

    I predict the tumbrel manufacturing industry will boom during the next few years.


  • Scopedog

    After hearing this asshole talk, I swear…if I ever saw him in public, it would take an incredilbe amount of self-control–and maybe handcuffs–to prevent me from running up to him and unscrewing his head against the threads.

    God, what a cruel son-of-a-bitch. There’s a spot in hell reserved for these fucks.

  • Aynwrong

    Many of Trump’s voters are senior citizens. They voted to starve, literally starve people who are in a position that they are not only by luck or the grace of God.

    • Scopedog

      And they voted to starve themselves.

      No fucking sympathy left for them. None.

      • Christopher Foxx

        Nope. None at all.

  • The indirect economic benefits for all these programs (including the ACA) are easy to figure out. These assholes choose to ignore that, creating economic harm, in order to punish people. Sociopaths.

  • Draxiar

    Such a man of the people…a real model citizen. I wonder if as a boy scout he kicked the cane out from under the elderly woman he was helping across the street and told her she didn’t need it.

    • Badgerite

      Probably waited for the right opportunity when a car or even better a truck would be going by. Because…..compassion.

  • gescove

    Meals On Wheels can be justified on economic grounds for these zombie-eyed granny-starvers too if simply being humane isn’t enough for them. It lets seniors (including a half million veterans) stay in their homes and out of costly nursing facilities. It protects seniors from falls, malnutrition, and dehydration to save them from 911 calls and costly emergency room visits. WTF is wrong with these people?

    • As Seth Meyers put it, “how dead does your soul have to be to get rid of Meals on Wheels?” /paraphrasing

    • Badgerite

      You might want to consult the series Criminal Minds on that one.