How Congress Wants to Censor the Internet

This is serious, folks. The PROTECT IP act will allow the government to shut down any website that is perceived to be infringing on intellectual property rights. This bill will irreparably change the internet forever, making it a minefield for anyone (like me) who reports on politics, current events or pop culture.

Here's how it works:

Ultimately, it will give powerful media corporations the ability to crush the rest of us.

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  • dildenusa

    This is bad news for anyone who understands how the Internet works. The scum in the corporate media who dreamed this up have no concept of First Amendment freedom and Fair Use. They only want to shut down the Internet so that they are the only one’s who will be able to use it. And it is simply for their own financial self interest.

  • holyreality

    I’m surprised that you have not caught the previous incarnations of this nefarious bill.

    Politics, and democracy depend on constituents pressing their legislators to legislate in their interests. Leaving them be while the Lobby wines, dines, and puts them in the corporate back pockets offering them with little choice when the votes go down, vote for the interest of money from corporate “people” or the actual people in their districts.