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“I Don’t Get Confused”

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

UN Ambassador Nikki Haley said the United States would be imposing economic sanctions on Russian companies. The White House says we will not.

So, who's telling the truth?

It looks like they both are.

Trump's top economic adviser Larry Kudlow, who is always wrong, was forced to apologize yesterday for saying that Haley was merely "confused" and that no new sanctions are coming because he, not surprisingly, was wrong.

The public spat between Haley and Kudlow opened a windowed into what really happened and, according multiple reports, Nikki Haley said what she knew to be the truth. Sanctions were approved by the White House last week but Trump changed his mind and no one bothered to tell the goddamn ambassador.

From the Associated Press:

The officials said that, under the plan conceived last week, the sanctions would have been announced Friday night, at the same time U.S., French, and British forces launched a missile strike on Syrian President Bashar Assad’s chemical weapons facilities. But the sanctions were not ready in time for Trump’s Friday night statement, so they were delayed.

The officials said a decision was then made to announce the sanctions as an answer to Russia’s response to the strikes. But that plan was re-evaluated and then put on hold over the weekend as it became clear that Russia’s response was less robust than anticipated. The officials were not authorized to discuss private administration deliberations publicly and spoke to the AP on condition of anonymity.

A National Security Council memorandum sent overnight Friday said the new sanctions would be announced soon, but it did not specify a date. Over the next 36 hours, officials began to delve deeper into the proposed sanctions and decided to hold off on anything imminent, but Haley was unaware, the officials said.

Axios has more on the blame game:

A number of senior White House officials anonymously told reporters that Haley made a mistake by making the announcement ahead of President Trump and that it shouldn't have been made public on the Sunday morning show. A senior official said Trump was angry about the situation.

Meanwhile, Haley’s allies say she cleared her remarks with the White House, and Trump changed his mind. Her allies also said that senior White House officials are unfairly throwing her under the bus.

You may recall another time when the UN ambassador made an announcement on a Sunday morning talk show over matters far less sensitive than this.

You know, an announcement about the apparent motivations of an angry crowd that may or may not have watched a video on YouTube.

An announcement that led to a years-long investigation of talking points in which the UN ambassador is still considered a villain.

For the record, the sanctions that were approved (and unapproved) would have targeted Russian companies that supply Assad's chemical weapons program. That seems like something we should impose sanctions on.

  • mnpollio

    And this is a prime reason why the Republicans non-stop covering for this nitwit makes no sense. Anyone who serves in his regime is ultimately made to look a fool or be a scapegoat for his incompetence. Sanctions on Russia should be a no-brainer, but then we are dealing with Putin’s Puppet and all Vlad has to do is indicate his displeasure for the Rancid Cheetoh to do an about face. Haley is only the latest example of a Republican caught in the cross hairs of his idiocy. In fact, the examples have become endless. So exactly why is anyone willing to serve this asshat or act surprised when they get the short end of the stick? How many fellow Republicans get to be thrown under the bus before the Congressional Republicans realize that there is no protection from this unstable maniac?

  • Aynwrong

    …”the sanctions that were approved (and unapproved) would have targeted Russian companies that supply Assad’s chemical weapons program.”

    If the Trump administration is turning the US gov’t into a “fire sale” it’s specifically turning the White House into a reverse Potemkin village (built by Americans so an idiot can act like a Russian agent).

  • Draxiar

    Unlike most of trumps adminis…er…cult…Nikki Haley is pretty smart. I don’t agree with her stance on many things but dumb she is not. Which means, of course, she won’t be there for much longer.

    • I suspect the only reason Haley is there in the first place is to build up foreign policy cred and national name recognition for a potential presidential run in future.

      • muselet

        Probably true, but she’ll carry the taint of serving in the Trump administration, so I’m not sure how much it’ll help her ambitions.


        • IDK the 40% that still support Trump will think she is great and a goodly portion of the rest of the country will probably think she was the least worst person in the administration and that she did her best. And yes, I’m feeling quite cynical today.

          • muselet

            Fair point.


          • David Greenberg

            I’d gladly replace the whole sewer full of this administration with the cast of “The West Wing” in a heart beat. At least they would look like they know what they are doing.

          • muselet

            I think most of us would (says the guy who didn’t even like the show).


          • Aynwrong

            I’d replace them with the cast of Star Trek: TNG season 1 (Trekkies understand how bad that is).

  • muselet

    The White House decided to impose sanctions on Russia, then Donald Trump changed his mind. Nikki Haley was left out of the loop, made the mistake of thinking she was working for a normal president and announced the sanctions to the literally tens of people who watch “Face the Nation.”

    Larry Kudlow responded by saying Haley shouldn’t have worried her pretty little head about such complicated and obviously manly things which so obviously confused the poor thing.

    Kudlow now admits he was wrong to be so ungallant. Senior White House officials are painingt a bull’s-eye on Haley’s back. And Trump fumes about the latest Charlie Foxtrot to come out of what Charlie Pierce calls Camp Runamuck.

    There is no Chaos, only great Energy!



    • Calling it a Clusterf*ck seems to be an understatement. Is the WH giving any reasons for why Trump changed his mind? (she asked expecting the answer to be no)

      • muselet

        If the White House has given an explanation, I haven’t seen it. Presumably, Trump saw a segment on Fox & Friends or got a call from his good friend Влади́мир Влади́мирович. It’s hard to say.