I Have Friends That Eat Rice and Beans

There are many gems in the history of Sean Hannity quotes, but this may be the best of the best. A diamond in the rough.

I can't stop laughing at this.

Hannity: 47 million Americans are in poverty.

Caller: There you go. There's 47 [million Americans] that are going to bed hungry.

Hannity: No that does not mean they're going to bed hungry. If you look at some of the poorest people in the country. I went through these stats last week. Most people have refrigerators, and freezers, and air conditioners, and televisions, and DVRs or DvDs, or something, and stereos and cars. They just don't have the best and the latest and they don't live in the nicest neighborhood.

Most Americans even in poverty have a basic level of living, a standard of living, that is decent. It's not great. It's not ideal. It's not where we want people to be. I believe that people can work their way out of it.

But this idea that Americans are going to bed hungry, do know how much for example, do you ever go shopping? I go shopping sometimes. I hate it but I do it. Do you ever go?

Caller: ...

Hannity: You can get things, for example, I have friends of mine that eat rice and beans all the time. Beans protein. Rice inexpensive. You can make a big pot of this for a week for relatively negligible amounts of money.

The 47 million Americans that live in poverty couldn't possibly be going to bed hungry because they have refrigerators and stereos. And even if you're among the "poorest people in the country" you can live decently by eating rice and beans three times a day for a week.

Sean Hannity knows this because he has poor friends that eat rice and beans. You know, just like he has a black friend or two.

You also have to marvel at the fact that Hannity seemingly doesn't realize that poor people don't have the luxury of not going shopping. They can't order takeout, order delivery, or dine out for every meal. Most middle-class families can't afford to do that either.

It's snowing! In Winter! Where's the global warming!? -Sean Hannity