Trump Regime

Idiotic HUD Officials Are Scrambling to Avoid Evictions

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

The fact that Trump's government shutdown may lead to evictions for thousands of residents of public housing is somehow not the most astounding part of this story.

According to the Washington Post, HUD officials didn't even know that funding for one particular housing program expired last week.

The Department of Housing and Urban Development sent letters to 1,500 landlords Friday as part of a last-minute effort to prevent the eviction of thousands of tenants. A lot of those tenants live in units covered by a HUD program that many agency officials didn’t realize had expired on Jan. 1 and that they are now unable to renew.

The letters instruct the landlords to use their reserve accounts so that no one is evicted, HUD spokesman Jereon Brown said. He said the budget and contract staff are “scouring for money” to figure out how to fund the contracts on an interim basis.

I honestly don't know what to add to this other than to reiterate that our federal government is being run by people who don't know how their own agencies function.

Sometimes I feel like it's amazing it hasn't all collapsed yet, but there's still time.

  • David Greenberg

    Ben Carson- supposedly “brilliant surgeon”, outside the operating room – MORON.

  • Draxiar

    When I was a kid I had the pleasure of watching the Keystone Cops when they actually aired that sort of thing on TV. I loved watching their silly antics and slapstick goofiness. Now we all get to witness the same thing except this isn’t funny.

  • muselet

    Jesus wept.

    After two years—two years, I ask you—on the job, nobody at the top levels of the Department of Housing and Urban Development understands how funding works.

    This is what happens when morons get elected and they in turn appoint other morons to important positions.


  • katanahamon

    Too bad..I was hoping the story was actually about HUD officials being evicted from office space..I would have liked that better..

    • mnpollio

      I saw the headline and thought the same thing. If only…that would have been a bit of justice, but as usual it is only the most put upon that get the shaft.