Idiotic Things

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

(Cartoonist - Nick Anderson)

In other news, the American Democracy Legal Fund has filed an ethics complaint against Benghazi Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy (R-SC) for leaking information about former Benghazi investigator Bradley Podliska.

Meanwhile, the New York Times editorial board is calling on New Jersey Governor Chris Christie to drop out of the Republican presidential race. I don't really know what the purpose of this is. If anything this will ensure that he holds out for as long as possible.

And finally, researchers from Harvard and Stanford say that unique American work ethic George W. Bush praised is probably killing us.

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  • muselet

    Ed Kilgore ended the day’s blogging with this:

    I’ll close with the ultimate autumnal anthem from Fairport Convention with Sandy Denny: her song “Who Knows Where the Time Goes?” Just angelic. I still miss her.

    An amazing talent, lost far too soon.


    • Badgerite

      Really nice. Thanks for that. (From the ridiculous to the sublime.)