Rudy Giuliani

If You Think Bush/Cheney Was Bad…

...Wait until Emperor Giuliani. Glenn Greenwald makes it very clear:

Mitt Romney, Fred Thompson and John McCain are all horrific in their own right. But Giuliani is in a different league in terms of messianic extremism. There really hasn't been someone like Rudy Giuliani -- someone so drenched in plainly authoritarian impulses, merged with such wild-eyed militarism -- anywhere near the White House in modern American history, if ever.

Giuliani is borderline psychotic; he sold out his own social values in order to nuzzle up to the Christian right; he believes what his sycophants say about him; and he believes he single-handedly saved America from the evildoers on 9/11. That's a recipe for an Authoritarian Cake the size of your car.