I'm Glad Plouffe Is Around Now

I always thought he was the missing puzzle piece in the White House. For example, here's some campaign-era ballyhooing of healthcare reform from his editorial in today's Washington Post:

* Pass a meaningful health insurance reform package without delay. Americans' health and our nation's long-term fiscal health depend on it. I know that the short-term politics are bad. It's a good plan that's become a demonized caricature. But politically speaking, if we do not pass it, the GOP will continue attacking the plan as if we did anyway, and voters will have no ability to measure its upside. If we do pass it, dozens of protections and benefits take effect this year. Parents won't have to worry their children will be denied coverage just because they have a preexisting condition. Workers won't have to worry that their coverage will be dropped because they get sick. Seniors will feel relief from prescription costs. Only if the plan becomes law will the American people see that all the scary things Sarah Palin and others have predicted -- such as the so-called death panels -- were baseless. We own the bill and the health-care votes. We need to get some of the upside. (P.S.: Health care is a jobs creator.)

Of course it is! Here's to hoping we hear more Plouffe from the White House.

By the way... I'm fighting a wicked laptop meltdown today, so blogging/tweetering will be sporadic.