'I'm Scared!' Of Affordable Healthcare? No Way.


Last night when I saw this lady shrieking on Countdown about how she's "scared" and wants "her America back," my first reaction was, She's screaming about the "browning" of America. Not healthcare.

There's just no way this total emotional meltdown had to do with affordable, portable and reliable health insurance.

"I want my America back!" with all of its tears and screeching might have something to do with policy, but given the unhinged delivery, I doubt it. Though it might have something to do with losing the election, "my America" and "I'm scared" has a possessive, desperate flavor to it that goes beyond the realms of a disappointed McCain-Palin voter.

These people are perceptive enough to realize that America is rapidly becoming less white, and it's driving them insane. It's not nearly about healthcare reform. Not by a long shot. And to paraphrase Rachel Maddow, it ought to be reported as such.