Rush Limbaugh

Impotent Limbaugh Attacks Birth Control

I know. I know. He's an overpaid troll who markets in the most incendiary nonsense he can yank out of his heinous asshole for the sake of ratings. But people listen to him and they truly believe that his schtick is real -- which is why I'm pointing this out:

Rush Limbaugh went on a long rant about contraception, abortions and women on his Tuesday radio show. [...] Limbaugh was indignant about the hype around the issue. "Why is contraception so important that it must be paid for by somebody else?" he demanded to know. He asked why contraceptives are "a must-have" in comparison to toothpaste, hotel rooms or a car.

"Why are so many people afraid of birth?" he wondered.

Yeah, preventing ovarian cysts or unintended pregnancies -- it's just like toothpaste.

I wonder who pays for Limbaugh's Viagra? His rich-guy health insurance policy I'm sure -- or does he get his Viagra in vacant convenience store parking lots the same way he attained his Oxycontin?

UPDATE: Good point from Chris Matthews:

"He's been married four times without kids. I wonder if birth control had something to do with it. It's a joke!"