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In What Respect, Charlie?

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump appeared on ABC's This Week yesterday morning where he faced questions about his status as a bona fide Russian fanboy.

In a moment that was reminiscent of Charlie Gibson asking Sarah Palin if she believes in the Bush Doctrine, Trump asserted that Russia would not invade Ukraine if he becomes president.

"He's not going into Ukraine, OK, just so you understand. He's not gonna go into Ukraine, all right? You can mark it down. You can put it down," Trump said Sunday on ABC's "This Week."
Host George Stephanopoulos pushed back, saying, "Well, he's already there, isn't he?"

"OK, well, he's there in a certain way," Trump responded.

As you know, Russia has already been in Ukraine for years. Russia actually annexed Crimea in a hostile takeover that is not recognized by the overwhelming majority of the world. Only a handful of countries such as Syria and North Korea recognize Crimea as a part of Russia.

The United States may join that list if Trump becomes president. Trump was asked last week if he would recognize Crimea as Russian territory and he did not rule it out.

We can't necessarily say for certain that Trump is merely an idiot. There's no doubt that Donald Trump is an idiot, but we have to leave open the possibility that Trump is aware that Russia invaded Ukraine and is simply running a misinformation and PR campaign for Putin. We're only a week removed from Trump openly asking Russian hackers to spy on his political opponents.

  • Christopher Jones

    My theory… Manafort facilitated a number of loans to Trump from the Russian oligarchs and/or mafia, to dig him out of debt. Now they’re expecting payback. It’s reasonable to assume that’s exactly the reason he refuses to release his taxes, as theseen loans would be glaringly apparent.

  • swift_4

    Remember that time that Joaquin Phoenix pretended he was going to be a rapper and he grew a beard and stuff. It went just like this. At first it was, “Oh, it’s just a joke.” Then, “Guys, I think he’s serious.” Then later, “This is too crazy to be real, right?”

    So pretty soon I think we’re going to get the wink and nod and Trump will laugh at the Republican Party. I mean, this is to crazy to be real, right?

  • Aynwrong

    This! This is what Hillary has to hit Trump as hard as possible when on the debate stage with the Orange Dictator. Over and over and over…

    This is also a great example of why the Sunday Morning news shows should all be scrapped. When interviewing a presidential candidate (or anyone else for that matter) it should no longer be just one host whose sole qualification should be staying up to date with beltway horse race nonsense. There should be two three reporters conducting the interview at once each expertly informed on the the topics of relevance. Economics, foreign policy, national security, law enforcement, legislation etc, etc, etc… The current set up of these shows is a formula for letting someone like Trump get away with lying his ass off.

  • Who would ever have thought that the Manchurian Candidate the paranoid have always feared would be completely unsubtle about his foreign ties?

  • Badgerite

    I don’t care how many GOP Congress people go over to Europe and try to reassure our allies that the United States of America will not abandon NATO. Actions speak louder than words and the action of one of the two major American political parties nominating Putin’s poodle for the office of President of the United States undercuts any assurances they can give.

    • ProudLiberalAlways

      Why insult poodles? They are cute and intelligent dogs. Maybre just say Putin’s Blair (lap dog).

      • Badgerite

        Good point.

  • muselet

    A month or two ago, it was reported that Trump’s daily news reading consisted of stories—a stack of which were printed out by an assistant—that mentioned his name. Here’s proof.

    Donald Trump knows nothing about the world and cares less. His every utterance is something he thinks sounds plausible, not anything that’s moored to reality. He would rather bluff and bluster and vamp than pay attention to the world beyond his own skin.

    This intentional ignorance would be a hilarious trait in a real estate developer (I say “would be” because Trump stopped being a developer a long time ago), but it would be catastrophic in a President.

    Donald Trump must not be elected President of the United States.