In Which I Agree with Marco Rubio

I love it when Romney surrogates disprove shit that Romney says.

"I agree with Mitt Romney that China is a currency manipulator. I believe that a trade war is not the best way to approach it and I think that you label them a currency manipulator that’s what it may result. It will hurt American businesses."

Between his austerity, his deficit-ballooning tax cuts and this currency threat against China, Romney is a perfect storm of disaster. Oh, and he's probably going to take us to war in Iran.

Vote accordingly.

  • Draxiar

    “and he’s probably going to take us to war in Iran.”

    I’ve been wondering how that would be received by the public if it happened. People are damn sick of being at war…especially ones of choice. Sure there are some warmongers that will embrace it but overall I think it wouldn’t have any popularity.

    I suppose it all depends on how it’s packaged for the sell though. Put enough stars and stripes on the label and people just may buy into it as the patriotic thing to do.

    It makes me sick to think of going into another war…probably unfunded. Hell, it makes me sick to think of Romney as *gulp* President.

    • MrDHalen

      I expect Etch-a-sketch Romney to most likely disavow any of his past statements of war with Iran in tonight’s debate precisely on the public’s distaste for war at this time. I hope the President is ready for it.