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Ingraham: Why is the Anti-Colonial Welfare President Fighting Ebola?

As Newt Gingrich once said, you can’t understand President Obama unless you understand his anti-colonial worldview; a worldview shared by all people who aren’t lizards.

This anti-colonial worldview, wingnut radio host Laura Ingraham tells us, is what drove the president to send American troops to Africa to counter an outbreak of Ebola.

via Media Matters

INGRAHAM: [T]he military is just another tool in his arsenal to level the playing field, right? I mean, in other words, Africa really deserves more of America’s money because we’re people of privilege. We’re people of great privilege, so we should do what we can, we the American taxpayers, to transfer wealth over to Africa. It’s his father’s rage against colonialism, as Dinesh D’Souza wrote about, and maybe this is a way to continue to atone for that. [...]

If a few American military personnel have to be exposed to the Ebola virus to carry out this redistribution of the privileged’s wealth, then so be it.

Of course it’s also possible the president sent troops to Africa in an effort to halt the spread of the virus. American service members will construct field hospitals and clinics for medical personnel so the virus can be treated in controlled, sterile environments in a region with poor infrastructure.

To the average person this may seem like a tactic that could halt the spread of the virus or, at the very least, slow it down, but to Laura Ingraham this is really all about wealth redistribution.

I could explain that no additional funding is required for the mission in Africa, or that local residents sick with Ebola will not be receiving a check in the mail, but the details aren’t important to Ingraham.

She can’t stand the idea of American service members lifting a finger to help poor, black Africans. And because they are poor and black, her mind immediately jumps to wealth redistribution, which in this case may as well be code word for welfare.

What she’s saying is the president is a welfare president trying to save black lives at the expense of whitey. You don’t even have to ask if her view would be different if this outbreak of Ebola was taking place in Canada or Europe. She spells it out quite clearly.

Furthermore, if the president did nothing and the outbreak of the virus reached the western world, Ingraham would be just one among the many people who would blame him for it.

Laura Ingraham is a racist. She’s also as mainstream as it gets on the right.

  • Badgerite

    I don’t suppose it occurred to her that epidemics are dangerous to everyone. They tend to travel.

  • aynwrong

    So two points here:
    1) Why was it so wonderful and humane when Bush sent the troops to Indonesia after the tsunami but now she sees Kenyan Alinsky conspiracies? The question is rhetorical of course.
    2) Laura Ingrham will still remain a person who will be taken very seriously by the “liberal media” once a week on This Week on ABC. No one will point out her career of specializeing in spouting crazy batsh!t 5 nights a week on the radio. But remember people; the media, its liberal.

  • i_a_c

    I remember it being only a couple of months into Obama’s presidency, and Ingraham was fearmongering about reparations.

    She is a racist.

  • muselet

    In a bit under three and a half minutes, Laura Ingraham not only accuses Barack Obama of misusing the US military, but also manages to shoehorn in mentions of immigration, securing the border (almost certainly referring to the southern border), terrorism, Saul Alinsky (!), and economic ties to West Africa (she either doesn’t know or doesn’t care that Ebola can only be transmitted through close contact); give a shout-out to confessed felon Dinesh D’Souza; take slaps at anti-colonialism (the Right actually believes colonialism is a good thing?) and a fun-house–mirror version of Lefty economics; and snark some more at the president. It’s actually kind of impressive that she can blow so many dog-whistles so quickly.

    It’s also a perfect illustration of just how racist and chock full of stupid a C-list Righty radio talker like Ingraham can be.


    • JMAshby

      It really is unquestionably racist. As I said, she makes it very clear.

    • Stellours

      You forgot to include “All the while wearing a cross on a necklace”

      • muselet

        It honestly never occurred to me to mention it. Jesusy jewelry is part of the Righty Media Figure uniform. It’d be like commenting on Martin Dempsey’s epaulets.