Insane House Budget Not Quite Good Enough for Some

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

This may not amuse anyone but me, but the Dick Armey-founded FreedomWorks has graded each budget proposal produced by both chambers of Congress (and the White House) and has given the House conservative budget a grade of "A-."

'Why an A-?' you might ask, considering that it's the most ridiculous budget. Isn't cutting spending by $7 trillion and magically balancing the budget in just five years good enough? Isn't that enough to warrant an A+?

Apparently not.

The group gives a budget prepared by the House Republican Study Committee (RSC) an “A-,” but gives the House GOP budget a “B-“ and the Senate GOP budget a “C.” [...]

FreedomWorks said the RSC budget's provisions for Medicare and Medicaid pass their test, but its plan for Social Security fails.

The House conservative plan to destroy Medicare and Medicaid is compelling, but the lack of a plan to destroy Social Security is a deal-breaker.

With that said, the loony conservative budget received the highest grade while President Obama's budget received the lowest. The Senate Republican budget received a grade of "C."

The ideological environment they have to campaign in explains how each generation of Republican presidential hopefuls seems to be the most unhinged group of nutcases you've ever seen.

You could say they 'couldn't possibly be crazier than this' and in four years they will prove you wrong again.

If there's a point where that trend begins to reverse, a point that I'll refer to as Peak Wingnut, I don't know where it is.

  • j hentai

    never underestimate the power of “the magic asterix

  • ninjaf

    You could say they ‘couldn’t possibly be crazier than this’ and in four years…

    Please, don’t dare them!

  • muselet

    The analysis, if that be the right word, of the various budget proposals by FreedomWorks seems to be based solely on how much misery each inflicts on the most vulnerable among us. There’s certainly no correlation between the grades on that scorecard and economic reality.

    Righty columnists and commentators will greet the scorecard with loud hosannas and our glorious news media will take their word for it (largely because most reporters went into the business so they would no longer be troubled by arithmetic). I also expect the various R candidates—announced an otherwise—to try to outdo one other in praising the efforts of Dick Armey’s chop shop.

    Peak Wingnut is a myth and the barrel has no bottom.


    • ninjaf

      They appear to have a faith-based grading system that goes along with their faith-based math used in the budget.

  • captkurt

    I can hardly wait for the Republican primary debates. Probably won’t reach the true peak, but there should be some significant spikes in the graph once the debates start.

  • Christopher Foxx

    a point that I’ll refer to as Peak Wingnut

    I like it. Gonna have to start using that as a measure. “I think we’ve only gotten to about 50% Peak Wingnut.” And Ted Cruz is an idiot.