Insurance for Everybody, Or Nobody, Or Whatever

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

Do words have meaning?

Secretary of Health and Human Services Tom Price appeared on CNN yesterday morning where he said he and Trump are both committed to providing "insurance for everybody."

"Given the fact that the President promised insurance for everyone, how do you justify to the millions of voters who believed President Trump that there would be insurance for everyone when there clearly is not going to be?" Tapper asked.

"The President is committed to that, as am I," Price said. "The fact of the matter is, this bill that's moving through Congress right now is simply the first step in this process."

The Congressional Budget Office's (CBO) estimation that 24 million people would lose their coverage under Trumpcare will soon need to be revised upward because House Republicans are reportedly considering amending their bill to introduce block-grants and work requirements for Medicaid. They're expected to vote on these provisions this week before the CBO releases a new score which will almost certainly be apocalyptic.

We've seen only vague hints of what Republicans want to do next in their "three-pronged approach," but suffice to say none it will make up for cutting nearly a trillion dollars in spending on healthcare. Moreover, the next measures they consider cannot be passed through reconciliation and will be subject to filibusters from the right and left.

A man who knows all about filibusters, Ted Cruz, appeared on CBS yesterday morning where he mocked Paul Ryan's approach.

CRUZ: That ain’t going to happen.

It’s their so-called three bucket solution, which is all the good stuff is in bucket three? Bucket three takes eight Democrats. Right now, Senate Democrats are opposing everything. You can’t get eight Senate Democrats to agree on saying good morning.

Anything in bucket three -- I have called bucket three the sucker’s bucket. And what I have been urging the president and the administration and leader in both houses, take everything in bucket three, put it in bucket one. We have got to actually fix this problem.

There's a fairly good chance House Republicans will pass their farcical bill this week, but it's dead on arrival in the Senate.

  • muselet

    Three orthopedic surgeons took five days to do a jigsaw puzzle and were very proud of their achievement. When asked why they were so proud, they said because the box said 3–5 years. *rimshot**

    I understand Tom Price’s need to suck up to the boss, but this is preposterous. RepubliCare will be a disaster far beyond the status quo ante, and yet Price is pleading with us to be patient and let the Rs work their free-market magic?

    Not just “no,” but “hell, no!”


    * Again, orthopedic surgeons tell these jokes on themselves. Again, Tom Price likely doesn’t get any of them.

  • gescove

    Tom Price is like the Underpants Gnomes. Phase One – Destroy the ACA, deny health insurance to 24 million people, and provide massive tax cuts to the wealthy. Phase Two – ??? Phase three – Inexpensive, comprehensive insurance for everyone! Can anyone tell me why we should listen to this dissembling jackass? Why he isn’t in prison for trading stocks of health-related companies while writing legislation affecting them? Oh, right… the AG heading that investigation was fired by Trump.

  • Aynwrong

    I’d love to tell “Lying Ted” where he can shove his bucket.

    • I second that notion. Now, NOW, he’s a man of principle?

  • Badgerite

    “We’ve got to fix this problem”.
    What “problem”? People having health insurance coverage and living as a result of it? Big “problem”.

    • But of course! Too many of the poors and the libruls are getting healthy. They certainly don’t want that!