The Media

Intellectual Violence

The headline is a relatively common phrase and has most recently been employed by Digby as a description of what we can expect from the far-right should Senator Obama win tomorrow. We should also expect to be using this phrase over and over and over to describe the far-right as such.

Digby was referencing wingnuts like Malkin who was screaming about the reports of Joe the Plumber being vetted and investigated -- even though Malkin herself engaged in creepy stalking of 12-year-old Graeme Frost during the SCHIP debate. Vetting Joe the Plumber = bad. Stalking a child at his home = awesome.

So if Senator Obama wins and doesn't reverse the Bush policies right away, I'm half-expecting the Republicans to call for investigations of the Obama White House on charges of eavesdropping, torture and the illegal occupation of Iraq. Intellectual violence.

It's already underway with this "vindicated" attack and the coal industry attack. This morning, Joe Scarborough was at it again about the vindicated thing. "I've never heard a politician be so arrogant!" he cried. He's deliberately misunderstanding the meaning of the word, and it won't be the last time we'll hear this sort of disingenuous cynicism.