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Interviews From Earth One: “Cliff & John Return!”

Bob Cesca
Written by Bob Cesca

On today's episode of The Bob Cesca Show's Interviews From Earth One: Today we welcome back to Earth One the great Cliff Schecter and John Aravosis from the Unpresidented Podcast right here on Patreon. You might also know John from and you might know Cliff from his various cable news appearances as well as the Ohio Innocence Project. We’ll look back at 2018 in the news as well as everything that’s happening right now with Trump and Russia, as well as the forthcoming Democratic primary contest. Follow John and Cliff on Twitter.

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  • katanahamon

    Yep..Ocasio Cortez people are protesting again at Pelosi’s office demanding that Cortez be appointed to some important post, not protesting at a Republican office. Article at Guardian saying Beto votes Republican..more evidence that entities are sowing discord already. If we make the same mistake as the Repubs did last election with a giant field of flawed, greedy individuals, it will be a disaster. Plus, the Bernie bros and bots and foreign influencers are already playing their games..article yesterday about how Bernie is the “only” progressive for the job. (No…don’t like Bernie, what he said/did during his campaign, his continuing interference, his ego, his arrogance..) Health insurance isn’t even the biggest problem now, it’s the ridiculous inflation of all costs associated with healthcare, from doc fees to hospital costs to the supporting of the useless insurance industry. We have to have national care with controlled costs and caps on pharmaceuticals, eliminate the insurance industry altogether. All it does is make money off the backs of the people and increase their profits by limiting our care. There’s just no reason to have it.

    One thing it possible to get the same audio as your Tuesday Thursday shows? It’s tough to hear your guests when everyone is talking. Not criticizing, it was still a great show, just pointing out it would be a nice thing from a technical perspective.