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Interviews From Earth One: “Eric Boehlert”

Bob Cesca
Written by Bob Cesca

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On today's episode of The Bob Cesca Show's Interviews From Earth One: NSFW! You might recognize Eric from his work with The Daily Kos, Media  Matters, Rolling Stone, Shareblue and, of course, The Stephanie Miller  Show. Eric’s a news media critic and an accomplished author. His most  recent book, Bloggers On The Bus, documented how the blogs and social  media influenced the 2008 election. Today we’ll talk with Eric about the  Trump crisis, impeachment, the news media coverage of both sides, and a  lot more. Follow Eric on Twitter and read his latest at The Daily Kos.

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  • katanahamon

    Ok, then, what if we get Mueller to testify and he says either “yes, the report I wrote has been mischaracterized,” or “well, the report is being fairly represented.” What then? At what point does a patriot, a real patriot, leaks the entire report? This whole thing is sickening. Just sickening. Literally sickening, for me, I haven’t even eaten in two days I’m so bummed…where is justice? Where are even checks and balances? I’m trying not to give up, but, without knowing if there are real efforts to bring this criminal charlatan down behind the scenes it’s getting tougher..

    Seems like the R’s are just hoping Rump can do what he’s always at covering up, winning at the bluster and just ignoring it til it goes away..but..if Mueller is remotely honest, this report can’t be good, and it must be released. I think it must be leaked..we may have no other recourse. The media is a large and horrible way. If Mueller didn’t cut it, we need a new many Benghazi ones were there?

    • Badgerite

      People forget that what brought Richard Nixon down was that he literally taped himself committing the crime of obstruction of justice. He taped himself telling people to lie. There was a smoking gun that could not be denied.
      Unless there is a smoking gun for trump, the gop is not going to do a damned thing and it does not matter in the least whether they think in their own little thought bubbles, “yeah, the guy colluded and then desperately tried to shut down the investigation to stop anyone from proving it” because it is all about their own power.
      Don’t give these guys more credit than they deserve when they voted for Nixon’s impeachment. The gop I mean. Nixon’s guilt was undeniable at that point. The next time around they were a little more circumspect. Ollie North was shredding documents when the FBI showed up at this office to acquire said documents during Iran/Contra investigations. And there were a lot of people who opined that Nixon should have destroyed the tapes.
      When it comes to trump, I would make the same comment as to the evidence that was made in summation by a Congressmen who voted for impeachment during the House Committee chaired by Peter Rodino.
      “If I see one large elephant in the room, I am prepared to accept that it is a mouse with a glandular condition.
      If I see ten large elephants in the room, I believe there are ten large elephants in the room. Not ten mice with glandular conditions.”
      They sooo COLLUDED.