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Interviews From Earth One: “Jacki Schechner”

Bob Cesca
Written by Bob Cesca

On today's episode of The Bob Cesca Show's Interviews From Earth One: Jacki Schechner runs the invaluable website and she's a frequent guest on the Stephanie Miller Show. I thought with the outcome of the midterms and the firing of Jeff Sessions, we'd spend an hour getting caught up with the Trump-Russia story and the Mueller investigation with a real life expert, my good friend Jacki. You can follow Jacki on Twitter: @jackischechner.

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  • katanahamon

    The entire ridiculous proposal of Rump becoming president..we knew, we absolutely knew there were not just shady, but illegal things in his past, yet it was what..assumed(?) that we would just ignore all that? It really amazes me that we are willing to allow this charlatan to plant the seeds for economic destruction, and possible literal destruction while playing, playing at being president and ignoring the possibility that Mueller has uncovered god only knows what. Rump was basically an unvetted charlatan, and we still allowed him to be president. Also despite his proving over and over his obvious unfitness. It’s ridiculous we have to dance around all these legal concepts when it’s obvious Rump is simply doing all this (appointing Whitaker) to stymie the Russia investigation. We also don’t know exactly how partisan Mueller is, if he could use any attempt at a shutdown to simply walk away and bury the evidence. I’m thinking he’s more honorable than that, but..given our situation now, all bets are off. I hope he sees Rump as the dishonorable cretin he is, but we might be disappointed in the end result of the investigation simply because we are expecting too much.

    I don’t see how it’s either legal or ethical for Whitaker, as a Rump appointee, to interfere with the Mueller investigation since Rump himself is a principal. Rump needs to be reined in, as he’s treating all these gov positions as his own personal minions when in fact they don’t work for him, they work for the American people. There are simply too many illegal activities Rump, his family and associates have participated in for us not to try to remove him from office immediately. We knew it before the election..the chickens were already looking for a place to come home and roost. We have to get back to reality, where a president is held accountable. I think Rump is still delusional that he can just do what he wants and will get away with everything. I’m hoping the crimes are so obvious, so heinous, so proven, and the public will simply demand that he be punished so that the Senate will not be able to exonerate him.

    Jacki is hitting on the problem with the media..they don’t have the facts at hand, they won’t force an answer, and they won’t work together to get..the..answers! They accept Rump intimidating them, they accept him interrupting them, they accept never getting out a full question, and then they accept whatever the hell he says. Great to hear Jacki again!