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Interviews From Earth One: “Malcolm Nance”

Bob Cesca
Written by Bob Cesca

On this week's episode of The Bob Cesca Show's Interviews From Earth One, we talk to national security expert Malcolm Nance -- "Shouty McShoutface," as he calls himself. Malcolm can be seen on MSNBC and heard on The Stephanie Miller Show. He's also the author of The Plot To Destroy Democracy. Today, we discuss everything from Trump in Helsinki to Edward Snowden.

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  • Badgerite

    I understand trump is talking about a second ‘summit’. I suspect the meeting with the gop Senators was to further try to bribe them with election hacking and disinformation help. It would appear it worked to some extent in that they refuse to fund any efforts to secure voting machines from hacking and therefore refuse to secure our elections.
    trump’s first ‘summit’ ( see employee review and further instructions) didn’t go down so well, so trump is planning a second before the election to get some further instructions from his handler.
    You know, I think it entirely possible that trump could end up like Viktor Yankuvych. This is all pretty obvious stuff.
    And it is treason.
    Putin is not “strong”. Putin is ruthless. There is a difference. Putin, without his ability to allow for the Russian oligarchs and mobsters to reach and control their money cached in the west, has nothing. That is why Magnitsky Act and its architect Bill Browder are so important to him. If he doesn’t get Browder and neutralize the sanctions, his power is eroded.
    This has nothing to do with “better relations”. This has everything to do with Vladimir Putin’s power base with is essentially an anti-democratic and a criminal enterprise. It has not worked out well for the Russian economy. It would not work out well for the American economy or any other. Tax cuts, smax cuts.

  • Badgerite

  • Malcolm Nance is a real hero. That was a great interview!

  • Aynwrong

    Malcolm Nance is a national treasure.

  • Badgerite

    OMG. John Aravosis tweet:
    “Cost of trump’s Russian style military parade coming this November : $12 million. Cost of US military exercises in South Korea that trump found too expensive, and cancelled at the suggestion of Vladimir Putin: $14 million.”
    Putin owns that POS. I suppose the gop would be really “troubled” if he wore a tan suit.
    FFFFFFFFFF trump and his enablers.

  • Badgerite

    God bless Malcolm Nance. He is what a true patriot looks like. So appreciate his experience and his insights and his service.