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Interviews From Earth One: “Randi Rhodes”

Bob Cesca
Written by Bob Cesca

On today's episode of The Bob Cesca Show's Interviews From Earth One: NSFW! My guest today is the great Randi Rhodes. I’ve been a Randi listener for at least 15 years now ever since I was first glued to her show on Air  America back in 2004. Randi took a break from radio but she’s back and she continues to kick all kinds of Republican ass on her show at  Her show streams live every weekday at 4pm eastern. You can also listen and watch via Twitter, Facebook, and iTunes. Today we’ll  talk about the Trump crisis, the Barr memo, healthcare, the climate crisis, and so much more.

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  • katanahamon

    I’m getting freaked out about every time I see “Dems Should Give/Shut Up About The Mueller Conclusions” because..we haven’t seen the GD Mother Flipping report yet. Why aren’t we seeing results from the Dems yet like Rump’s tax returns, or getting the Mueller report, or seeing subpoenas yet?? I’m sick of Rump’s gloating face..sick of Giuliani and Conway and the right wing pundits..America has been tarnished by all this, there are crimes being’s eating me alive..!

  • katanahamon

    The Republicans are secretly delighted with every horrible abuse of power Rump commits. This is why they won’t ever impeach him. I think the Mueller report will have to be leaked for us to get it. Or, start making up fake, really damning passages and saying it’s from the Mueller report just so they’ll have to release it. I’m not versed in constitutional law enough to know what’s best about whether or not to have the electoral college, but, we certainly know now that it doesn’t function as it was supposed to or we wouldn’t be in this situation now. Ken Starr saying abuse of power is hilarious since his role was one of the largest abuses of power ever. Jeez..isn’t everyone f’ing sick and tired of all this hypocrisy?