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Interviews From Earth One: “Rocky Mountain Mike”

Bob Cesca
Written by Bob Cesca

On today's episode of The Bob Cesca Show's Interviews From Earth One: Mike Hardeman, better known by most of you as "Rocky Mountain Mike," is the hilarious song parody guy from the Stephanie Miller Show. Mike’s been producing song parodies and pre-recorded sketches for Stephanie’s show for many years now, but you might not know that Mike also has a long, storied career as a radio deejay. On today’s show we’ll learn about the man behind the silly songs and goofy bits. You can follow Mike on Twitter here.

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  • honu

    Hi Bob, I’m sorry to comment here since this won’t be about the interview with Rocky Mountain Mike. I didn’t know how or where else to comment about your podcast interview with Tom Nichols so here goes…

    First I understand from your interview that Tom is a friend of yours and despite your political differences you’re trying to maintain a relatively pleasant rapport with him. That said, I was hearing so much bullshit coming from Mr. Nichols that I couldn’t understand why you were letting him off the hook. He spoke through most of it and I think what really stuck in my craw was his comments about liberals needing to police themselves and basically blaming the left for their rhetoric. I know republicans and conservatives are tone deaf to the experiences of liberals and the left but what really pissed me off was his criticisms of the left show a complete lack of context and self awareness about what the Republicans have done to hard turn right this country. The extreme rhetoric that really took off with Gingrich in the mid 90’s was about smearing the left and using exaggerations and lies to frame the narrative. Then Fox news and all the other hacky right wing am talk radio and other media took that approach and ran with it even more. The left can be corrupt and ineffective but on the whole they use facts and reality based information to frame their positions and the right has been working on a hate project towards the left for 30+ years and it’s that concerted effort to lie about liberals that has gotten us here. Nichols is talking like this right wing problem was a sucker punch to his principals. No, he’s been missing the boat for so long, he doesn’t deserve the consideration of cooperating and working with the left. He wonders why liberals don’t want to work with him, well, if you’ve been slandered and lied to for decades then suddenly you say you want to put differences aside and play nice, why the fuck would anyone a) believe you’re being genuine and b) trust you enough to work with you? I would put my life savings on this guy going right back to being a Republican when Trump is gone and a “moderate” republican takes over the GOP. I know we need to try to communicate with these people and I have to deal with them on a daily basis but I see no reason to trust so called ex republicans who claim to have seen the light 30 years too late.

  • katanahamon

    Haven’t listened yet, looking forward to it. Just saw Rump announcing that a “pardon for Manafort is not off the table.” Umm..isn’t that witness tampering? This whole thing has come and gone twice to Bizzarro World..the sheer amount of “unethicalness” is creating a black hole by its sheer weight..