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Interviews From Earth One: “Sarah Kendzior”

Bob Cesca
Written by Bob Cesca

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On today's episode of The Bob Cesca Show's Interviews From Earth One: NSFW! My guest today is the great Sarah Kendzior, Russia expert and co-host of the Gaslit Nation Podcast with Andrea Chalupa, who we spoke with two weeks ago on this show. Today we’ll talk about the Mueller Report as especially the bombshell letter Mueller wrote to Bill Barr that dropped in The Washington Post yesterday. Follow Sarah on Twitter and Facebook. Brought to you by Pro Flowers, promo code BOBC!

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  • mnpollio

    Amazing interview. Will definitely need to keep up with her views. I think she nailed the whole Mueller thing right on the head.

    As I mentioned in talk back at another site, Greenwald and Taibbi cannot be trusted on anything Russia related. I followed some of Greenwald’s articles back during the Bush years and liked him at the time. Then he inexplicably came out in favor of Citizens United for the sketchiest of reasons and then doubled down on it even in the face of the toxins that terrible decision injected into the body politic. Then he gained his notoriety with Edward Snowden and subsequently lost whatever credibility he had. I am really annoyed with the media that trots him out to spout his bizarre views on Russia that they do not bother to make full disclosure that Greenwald is severely biased and has skin in the game. His big asset that put him on the map is enjoying safe harbor in Russia, which makes anything Greenwald contributes on Russia suspect.

    As for Taibbi, I quite enjoyed his journalism on Wall Street and have read several of his books. That said, anyone familiar with Taibbi’s writings also knows that he cannot go long without waxing wistful over his time working in Russia and fanboy about the wonderful higher-ups and the lovely insiders he hob-nobbed with during his tenure there.

    In light of the above, when it comes to views on Russian conspiracies to undermine our democracy, do you take the word of researchers and intelligence agencies worldwide that have credible and well-documented proof and paper trails that such things happened? Or do the babblings of a biased media hog with his chief asset in Russian hands and a guy who seems to think his salad days in Russia were golden trump all that? If it is the latter, then I have a bridge to no where in Alaska to sell you – give me a call.

  • Badgerite

    I like the box of KFC and the glass chicken but they should also have put out a Webster’s Dictionary so that Mr. Barr could look up the meaning of words he seems to have difficulty “grappling” with.
    Suggest – put forward for consideration, state or express indirectly.
    Seems pretty clear.
    Liberal snowflakes always like to help.

  • Badgerite

    I think Sara Kendzior’s take is what’s needed now. By the Dems and by the whole country. She has a very clear-eyed, no bullshit, realistic view of what is happening and it is time for the country to realize that and act accordingly. Since when is it alright for our two main adversaries in the world to be able to shut down our power grid? Why is the DHS doing nothing about this. Women and children at the border seeking asylum are not a threat. Russians and Chinese having access to our power grid is a major threat.

    • Yep. I’m with her.

      • Badgerite

        Yes, and also, the rule of law proposed by Barr that would allow a president to attack the autonomy of the DOJ and shut down any investigation that does not involve his own criminal wrongdoing would mean that prior to an indictment, trump could have shut down the investigation of Rep. Collins for the insider trading he was doing on the White House lawn as well as any other federal crimes being investigated against anyone in the country whom he considers an ally. And that would include state or federal officials as well as anyone and everyone in the Republican party.
        This gives the chief executive way more authority and power over the everyday lives of people than the framers of the US Constitution ever envisioned. This is Putin’s idea of a national constitution.
        This is not an American idea. This is just a legally preposterous idea. And Barr is a scum bag.

  • Michael B Conway

    The young, vibrant President of the United States, Commander-in-Chief of the most powerful nation in human history, says on television, in front of all the nations of the world, that rogue elements of his own government, conspiring with the opposition party, launched a coup d’etat against him and the government of the United States.

    Does NATO mobilize? Does the UN investigate? Do strong men turn to one another and say things like, “I guess this is it, Joe?”
    Is this the cover blurb on your Daddy’s airport paperback potboiler?
    Or is this just the third news story in Boss Trump’s America.

    • Badgerite

      Amazing that while “spying” on the Russians they ended up seeing them meeting with the very same Russians. A lot. And then lying up the kazoo about it. And then they hear from an Australian diplomat the a member of trump’s circle says they have emails stolen by the Russians. An investigation is opened. Go figure.