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Interviews From Earth One: “Tony Atamanuik”

Bob Cesca
Written by Bob Cesca

On today's episode of The Bob Cesca Show's Interviews From Earth One: Tony Atamanuik is the comedy genius behind The President Show and he's the funniest, most subversive Trump impressionist working today. His President Show special, The Fall Of Donald J. Trump, airs tonight at 11pm on Comedy Central, and his new book "American Tantrum" drops tomorrow. You can keep up with Tony's work on Twitter here. Oh, and you have to watch this video. And for those of you who listen to our Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday shows, you'll recognize Tony's voice as Trump shouting "GODDAMMIT!"

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  • I said this over at Patreon as well, but that is a fantastic interview! Good job, Bob!

  • Badgerite

    Wow. That was something. He really is a very bright guy. And “subversive.” Who knew. I would quibble about one thing and that is his depiction of Bernie Sanders as standing for the idea of bringing minority communities into the structures of power. As I recall, Bernie seemed to me to be campaigning more along the lines of a New Deal reformer and wanted to downplay minority rights within the Democratic party. To the extent that he failed to campaign to and win over minority communities I think that was a far more important factor to his losing the nomination than any other factor. Now Sanders is supporting these communities more and I think it has broadened his appeal within the Democratic party. But, as has been pointed out, you campaign to reach the people you represent. To that end, the Democratic party must be a big tent. Maybe a big tent slightly ‘subversive’ of the current power structures and that most assuredly includes Silicon Valley, but a big tent, non the less. I also think that commerce matters but I just think that blatant unfairness and/or immorality in standards in commerce as well as the transformation of “captains of industry” into “masters of the universe” needs to be checked by a decent regulatory and tax structure in place to do that. ‘Action alerts’ won’t suffice. Maybe I’m a New Dealer as well.
    I’m gonna have to listen to the whole thing again. There was a lot packed into that interview.