Irony Alert: WikiLeaks Employees All Required to Sign NDAs

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

Buzzfeed published a lengthy profile WikiLeaks and their dear leader Julian Assange that doesn't paint a pretty picture of the organization, to say the least, but buried deep in the profile is something very amusing and revealing.

Everyone who works at WikiLeaks is reportedly required to sign non-disclosure agreements that cover virtually everything.

There are few limits to how far Assange will go to try to control those around him. Those working at WikiLeaks – a radical transparency organisation based on the idea that all power must be accountable – were asked to sign a sweeping nondisclosure agreement covering all conversations, conduct, and material, with Assange having sole power over disclosure. The penalty for noncompliance was £12 million.

The obvious implication here is that Assange alone decides what "leaks" WikiLeaks will actually release to the public. They may have information about many things, including Donald Trump and the Republican party, but we may never know about it because its sealed behind a wall of non-disclosure.

I don't think I need to explain how ironic and hypocritical that is.

The only thing Assange is interested in releasing at this point is information that damages the reputation Hillary Clinton and anyone who even remotely associates with her or her campaign. WikiLeaks under Assange's leadership has even tried to implicate innocent journalists who've contacted the Clinton campaign through email for comment on their stories, which is journalism 101.

The fact that WikiLeaks only releases certain material about certain targets as chosen by their leader alone necessarily delegitimizes their entire operation. And that's without even mentioning the group's relationship with Russian intelligence, the source of their latest material.

Assange is still avoiding extradition to Sweden to face rape charges by hiding out in the Ecuadorian embassy (pictured above).

  • swift_4

    But if you try to explain this to a Berniebro…

    • Georgie

      So true!

  • muselet

    “Radical transparency organization,” my foot.


  • Aynwrong

    As a self described liberal who does believe greater transparency is worth striving for I have to say that Assange has taken the concept and defined it down to near meaninglessness. He doesn’t believe in transparency he believes in anarchy. And given his self serving, hypocritical behavior he’s probably not even practicing that. What kind of a self respecting anarchist takes marching orders from a self appointed oligarch such as Vladimir Putin?

    This is not journalism. It’s espionage.

    When even Glenn Greenwald…

  • Victor the Crab

    The darling of the far left. HA!!! This filth is Drumph with an Australian accent.